prospective buyersProspective buyers – though not yet 100% sure buyers, are already blessings to business-owners or sellers. Imagine you are selling in a stall all-wonderfully set-up, then throughout the whole day, people just pass by ignoring you like you’re invisible.

You feel lost and unimportant. And then, to your delight, somebody approaches and asks how your product works and how much it is. Though your customer seems not yet ready to buy on-the-spot, an inquiry from a potential client is much better than none at all.

This only goes to show that every potential customer — those prospective buyers are truly important and must be treated with respect. It may be what you need to turn a possible purchase to a closed sale.

5 Ways to Win those Prospective Buyers

Here are key things you need to remember in dealing with consumer inquiries:

1. An Inquiry Signals Possible Purchase

A prospective buyer won’t just waste his time looking you up and asking questions if he weren’t really that interested. Use this to your advantage. Be sure to reply quickly and highlight your product’s benefits, and turn those prospective buyers into sure buyers.

2. Make Asking a Question a Breeze

Asking questions is the first sign of interest in your product, and if the process itself is already complicated, then your prospects might be intimidated and not want to transact with you at all. It is then important for them to find asking you questions easy and trouble-free. Your site should be question-friendly and don’t forget a customer service hotline.

3. Create an FAQ file document

In time, you will notice that prospective buyers have been asking you the same set of questions again and again. Take note of these common inquiries and organize them into a file. That way when you get asked these questions again, all you have to do is copy-paste the answers. Saves you time too!

4. Answer back – And Fast

Have you ever experienced being put on hold by a customer representative for so long you just wanted to drop the call? Customers really hate waiting and are really particular of their time. So don’t waste both you and your prospective buyers’ time and get back to those queries as soon as you can.

5. Treat Each Inquiry as a Sales Possibility

Even from the beginning, treat prospects as opportunities for closed sales. Every unanswered question is already a missed opportunity. These inquiries mean you have captured their interest, and you have to sustain it by replying and showcasing your product’s benefits.


Faced with a lot of questions? Do not fret and instead be thankful. These inquiries you face mean very interested customers equals possible profits. Follow these simple steps and you’ll surely win the hearts of those prospective buyers.

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