profitable copyProfitable copy is any text written for the satisfaction of your customers. It is not a crafted masterpiece that aims solely to please your standards. Remember that the readers are those who make the purchase and let you generate income from every sales transaction they engage in. Thus, profitable copy should never appeal to be too formal, too simple, or too bizarre to your readers.

As a copywriter, you should not evaluate your customers based on stereotypes or typical guesses. You can never know a person just by imagining his character and interests. And most importantly, you must never relate your customers to you. You do not read a copy the way potential clients do. You may want an entertaining text, but one serious article about a specific topic might just be what they need for their research.

So, drop off your pretentious façade and wear in your usual marketer self. Do not put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Though you resemble your clients, you should not always rely to your instincts. Create a profitable copy that would always show a balance between information and presentation of facts. Do not try to conform to your interests and wander far from what your customers needs.

Profitable Copy is Key to Winning Your Customers’ Heart

Your customers are unique beings and they deserve nothing but great copy. How are they unique?

1.       They live in another plane of existence.

Your customers do not live the same life with others. Though they always run to the web in search for quality content and valid information, topics always vary because of their unique interests. One might be into cooking and not into finance.

You have to be flexible in meeting their needs. Formatting and approach also matters to different clients. One content style might not be applicable to another customer. You might be getting targeted visitors, but you are already losing potential clients. They are those who are not fully interested with what you market, but can still be convinced to buy your product.

Take something that is definitely fresh in the market. Do not recycle topics that can bore your readers. A profitable copy must always find its way to innovate and revamp old-age ideas into new concepts. Reinvent and explore.

Internet offers a whole new world of marketing and purchasing experience. However, do not let this new breakthrough destabilize your composure as a marketer. Stick to your goal and you can formulate profitable copy that would get you at the peak of the industry.

2.       They want to make the right purchase.

A copy is not intended for you to gain praises and lifetime achievements awards. You do not market in order for your name to be engraved in the walk of fame. You are writing simply to lure customers and make them patronize your products.

The same principle works on your customers. They do not need empty words. Customers are always looking for reasons to make a purchase. Moreover, they do not search in the web to look for information alone, but also for products worthy of the pennies they would spend.

Show them that you are worthy. Make your copy meet their real needs and not just temporary likings. Your copy would be profitable if you will make it more warm and friendly. Let them know that you are into business and not for bogus transactions.

Make them feel that you are serious about their craft while still sounding approachable and easy to work with. Try other approaches and assess which technique is more effective to specific group of customers.

3.       They are in for a lot of thinking.

Do not put hindrances in your customer’s terrain of thoughts. A profitable copy must not contain words such as cohesive devices that could slow down their reading. Copywriting is a bit far from academic journals and textbooks. A copy is less complicated in words and in ideas.

Our copy must push the readers to go on with the text at a quick pace. Let them understand but make comprehension be as fast as skimming words. Do not use difficult words. Remember that you do not always deal with professionals and educated people. You are into business and your customers are there to buy and not just to learn. In Internet marketing through copy that profits, learning is just supplementary to purchasing products.

No matter what strategy or approach you are going to use, your goal remains the same. You need to create profitable copy that would drive in great web traffic and enormous income.

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