powerful sales lettersPowerful sales letters are assets many people fail to materialize. It’s because they don’t know how to effectively pen and send powerful letters. This leads to a lot of opportunities lost. In fact, 95% of online businesses fail because they don’t have powerful sales letters.

You may have a good product or service, and you may even have good branding. But if you don’t know how to make sales letters, you won’t be able to turn your strengths into actual sales.

The Key to Powerful Sales Letters

The key to writing powerful sales letters is in the approach. It’s important to write with an individual in mind –an actual human being with interests and feelings, and not just an anonymous recipient. This means that you have to write personally. You can’t just go and write the same thing for everyone.

Create a narrative. People love to read good stories, and the stories you put in your powerful letters will illustrate the selling point. That’s how you turn correspondences to actual sales.

10 Aspects of Powerful Sales Letters

So now that you know the general strategy, it’s time to get into the details. Here are the ten aspects of powerful sales letters, and how you should write them.

#1. An Attention-Grabbing Heading.

You only have fifteen seconds or less to capture the attention of your prospective customers, before they click out of your website. Given that time limit, you should have an interesting heading.

Write about your company’s best benefits, or your biggest promise. The point is to increase their curiosity by engaging their own self-serving needs. Make them desire to know more.

#2. Interesting Narratives.

Now that you have their attention, you have to keep their interest until you get to your main pitch. Discuss a problem or tell a story, right at the very first part. You can add something like an exciting past experience that’s still related to their interest.

The goal is to expand the benefits that they will get, so that they’re even more interested on what you have to offer.

#3. Credible Testimonials.

All powerful sales letters have testimonials in them. It’s important not just to capture attention, but to get a good reception.

Testimonials make people believe in what you’re saying. It’s an assurance that you’re not just another scam artist.

A good and credible testimonial come from well-known authorities in the targeted field, and they’re placed close to the top of your powerful sales letter. This way, everything else you have to say after will have that touch of authority.

#4. Understandable Bullets.

People don’t have the time to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. Keep the interest flowing by giving them an easy time reading. Powerful sales letters incorporate well-structured bullets to persuade people.

These bullets can incite curiosity, stress benefits, outline offers and so on, in a step-by-step fashion.

#5. Accurate Comparisons.

Real powerful letters aren’t just descriptive; they are comparative. They prove that your product or service is of great exclusive value.

The way to do this is by offering something that’s much better than the offerings of your competitors. Offer something that’s cheaper, or of higher quality. Give them the best deal in your powerful sales letters.

#6. Added Good Bonuses.

In this day and age, you have to keep differentiating yourself. And you can do this by becoming more valuable to your customers. Add good products as bonuses.

And the benefit is on “good”. Don’t just give out bad or outdated products as bonuses –that can damage the impact of your powerful sales letters even more.

#7. Given Guarantee.

A genuine-sounding and personal promise can go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of your sales letters. There’s nothing to lose.

Just make sure to deliver on what you promised, and you’ll get your results in no time.

#8. Sense of Urgency.

Your customers might be interested in what you have to say. But as long as their interest remains casual, you might not get any results. Great and powerful sales letters demand immediate action. They create a deadline in the mind of the consumer.

Because no one wants the pressure of making a decision, giving them an added incentive and sense of urgency is important. Tell them that they need to act now or lose out on a great deal.

#9. Guidance.

Powerful sales letters are also clear on the next step. They don’t leave their readers hanging, wondering “what do I do next?”

Add clear and explicit link saying “Click Here” or something similar. Make it simple and understanding. Give them immediate access to that great deal you’re promising.

#10. A Post Script.

A lot of readers actually just skim the contents of articles. They just immediately scroll down to the end to find out the summary of value, costs and benefits.

A post script that summarizes what you have to offer, alongside the price, is the mark of powerful sales letters. Give a brief but detailed description of all the points.

Now that you know the different aspects of sales letters, go out and turn your opportunities into concrete sales!

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