postcard marketingPostcard marketing can be one of the tools that can prove to be the most valuable and indispensable in your business campaign. In all my years of experience, I have obtained a plethora of insight about the efficacy of this marketing. Utilize these tips I have outlined and win at postcard marketing.

  1. Postcards are better than envelopes.

Let’s all take a moment and recall the distant past when we would get letters in the mail. Encased in an envelope. You are quite excited about the contents; you cannot wait to rip it open to see what the message is. Now, cut! When you are advertising, people are not gnawing at the bit to see your message. You need your message out there and easily readable—postcard marketing, then, is the solution!

People tend to see and read things very quickly when looking through the mailbox—bills, advertisements, and letters. That’s why a lot of mail is junked most of the time. We sort through the things we see and immediately keep or trash information. With an effective postcard marketing campaign, your potential customers will see your message right away—whether they throw it out or not.

Even the next time they see your postcard and it gets junked, they still saw it. They were able to read your message. Eventually it will stick with them. And who knows? The next time they need something, it just might be you they think about.

  1. Repeat mailings for effective postcard marketing!

If you are not consistent, then you may as well be throwing your money away.

It cannot be emphasized enough. Repeat mailing! Do it. Do repeat mailing! Remember that sending out one postcard will not help you or your business at all. For it to be an effective postcard marketing campaign, you must be persistent.

Long story short: if you cannot or will not do what it takes to do a successful campaign, get out of the business. It may seem harsh, but it’s true.

  1. You get what you pay for in postcard marketing.

Postcards will differ in quality. The cheapest will not always be the best option here. Interview potential postcard companies. Get them to send some samples so you can choose which one fits your style.

First thing to look for? Good quality, stiff material, and something that can catch your attention. Ask for customer references and ask about their opinion of the company.

There are a lot of things you may not have considered before, so here they are. Make sure that they do not mess the printing up. Effective postcard marketing also means that your postcards should be sent out on a specific date—and this should be met. Remember that if you pay a very low price for your postcards, then be prepared for disappointments.

  1. Keep it simple.

A lot of people, when surveyed, would say that they prefer colorful postcards. Do not be fooled, however. Most of the postcards that get a better, if not best, response are those of the black on white kind.

Full- colored postcards can become confusing. And for your postcard marketing campaign to be successful, you need to get your message across, fast and without confusion. Include a great headline and a pleasant color scheme. This will get your potential customers to flip the postcard over and get to your message. Encourage a good eye trail.

And what is eye trail? It is the path your eyes make when looking at a postcard. You can still achieve a good eye trail with full- colored postcards, but do it right. Most people go crazy when given the option of having color on both sides of the postcard. Postcard marketing is not only about catching their attention. Effective marketing is also about holding it. Create a good start, a better middle and a great end.

Here’s an example of a good eye trail.

Did this postcard catch your attention?

Then your customers will do too!

5000 full colors,

Glossy finish


For only


Try and look at it from a customer’s point of view. Really look at it and you will see what a good eye trail really is.

  1. Promote one thing at a time

Focus on one product. You may have tons of products or services you are offering but choose only one. You can mention it at the back of your postcard, but focus on just one. Postcard marketing is not about saturating your customer with information. Again, hold their attention first then maybe they will be interested enough to look more closely.

If, for example, you have a flooring store with a furniture showroom, talk only about the flooring. If you include both, you are simply overwhelming your potential customers. Effective postcard marketing is to get them interested about one thing. At the back of the postcard, maybe you can just mention, “We also have furniture, by the way.”

Can’t decide what to focus on? I’ll give you a hint. Choose the one that brings in the highest income.

  1. No other marketing media? No problem!

Postcard marketing is all you need. Postcards alone can take you from zero to billions, if done correctly. Why am I so confident with that statement? Because I was able to do it.

We sent out postcards every week. And with each postcard mailed, we grew a little bit more. You may try out new stuff afterwards but postcard marketing should be a staple. It works every time, no matter what.

Hopefully, the next time you’re weighing your advertising options you think about starting a campaign. Not only do these tips help in attracting customers, but you are also honoring a method sure to get you value for money. You cannot go wrong with postcard marketing.

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