over aged applicantsOver aged applicants are often ignored in favor of younger ones. It is because it is assumed that the younger applicants have more shelf life for productivity compared to these applicants. This fact of life disheartens them from seeking employment opportunities, but there is a way to use your age as a tool for getting the employment opportunity that you have always wanted.

Currently, more and more employers are starting to see the amazing qualities that over aged applicants can offer. For example, according to the Bureau of Statistics of Australia, the workforce ages 15-24 have lost more than 380,000 employment opportunities to over aged workers over a period of 15 years. In Netherlands, over half a million of their employees are aged 55 and above. This statistic was released last December 2000, and the number has been steadily increasing through time.

Considerations to be kept in mind by over aged applicants

In order to get a head start from younger applicants, over aged applicants must consider the following:

  1. Over aged job applicants must highlight their accomplishments without sounding arrogant about it.

Remember that you only edge out on younger applicants on experience specifically because you are older and have been in the field for a long time. Instead of saying that you have more experience, you should write in your CV the achievements that you have done within that period of time.

Your employment history can help you massively, but it could also work in the favor of your co-applicants. Long gaps between jobs, the length of your service to particular company, and frequent changes of work are red flags for prospective employers.

  1. Always be updated with the latest trends and data relating to your field.

Over aged applicants must read and possibly enroll in programs or activities that could help them have advanced knowledge in their field. Of course, it is also necessary that over aged job applicants remember the basics in their particular fields, and reading up journals and reviewing what you’ve previously learned can help you with that.

  1. Peruse through the World Wide Web for Job Vacancies

Nowadays, most companies put their job placements online. This is because apart from the fact that it is easier and more convenient, it is also cheaper and has a wider range of reach. Over aged applicants tend to look for vacancies on traditional avenues, like the yellow pages or the newspaper. Although those are legitimate sources of job vacancies, they would be able to see more opportunities for them online.

Jobs that do not discriminate with age

While many companies admittedly prefer younger candidates compared to over aged applicants, there are particular job opportunities that do not discriminate these applicants. Some might even say that these jobs prefer the experience of these people over the shelf life of younger applicants.

These job opportunities are those with specializations. Doctors, lawyers, or professors who have specialized knowledge on their fields are preferred over beginners. When it comes to teaching, lecturing, or other speaking engagements, the experience and firsthand knowledge of over aged applicants hold more value. In the field of writing, age is also not a factor. The only important thing is your skill, and writing as a job can practically be done from anywhere. This is a plus for over aged job applicants as this is more convenient and manageable.

Employing Over Aged Applicants

Do not see your advanced age as a disadvantage. Use it as a tool to get more edge over those with less experience. Contrary to popular belief, some over aged applicants can be as capable as younger ones. They just have to find the right job that would give them the opportunity to shine.

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