outsourcing servicesOutsourcing services is viewed by laypeople as a waste of resources and something that entails unnecessary complications. Because it basically means hiring people from another country to do certain tasks for a business, it has become quite a political issue. To most people and several politicians, outsourcing services is equivalent to taking jobs away from our fellow citizens. Others believe that outsourcing is pointless because the tasks can be accomplished better here than abroad.

However, from a perspective of a businessman, outsourcing services is a modern day blessing. Many businesses nowadays are outsourcing some services such as HR, IT, back office services and even tax preparations. So why are most businesses are outsourcing instead of assigning a team from the company or hiring fellow countrymen to do the job?

Advantages of outsourcing services

Outsourcing services may be controversial to most people, but to businesses, it presents a lot of benefits. Below are some of them.

It allows businessmen to focus.

Outsourcing means that entrepreneurs could assign important secondary sectors of the businesses’ day-to-day administrations to companies who specializes on them. By doing so, the non-core tasks are taken off the businessmen’s backs, giving them the freedom to fully focus on the areas of the business that yields money. For example, HR and IT services are the most commonly outsourced services, so that the management can concentrate on the marketing side of business.

You get more for less.

Labor for human resources and information technology in the United States are not at all low-priced. Basically, outsourcing these services allows businessmen to get a large and productive workforce at a much cheaper price. Most services are outsourced from countries like India. There, thousands of people, who are intelligent and can speak high quality English, graduate from different fields every year. Each of them wants to earn big bucks in a short period of time. Instead of leaving India to work, BPOs allow them to earn as much as they would if they got a job abroad while staying close to home. BPOs offer around $300-$500 monthly salary, which may be a small sum for the average American, but is quite sizeable for someone from India. In other words, outsourcing services allows you to have more people working on the task for less cost, making it very cost effective.

It gives you high quality service.

BPOs in countries like India employ people who are willing to do uninterrupted night shifts and who constantly want to prove themselves. Because of that, you are guaranteed high quality and enhanced productivity all the time. The company that you are outsourcing services from will always make sure to deliver on time, hit your targets, assure strict security and keep a high level of productivity. BPO companies also evaluate their employees regularly, making sure to terminate those who are performing below standard.

The whole business of outsourcing all boils down to money. The parties involved – the businessmen, the BPO companies, and the BPO employees – all have financial gain in this set up. This is why outsourcing services is here to stay for a long time.

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