orkutOrkut is another brainchild of the world’s biggest search engine. Indeed, Google has taken social networking to a new level by developing its own site called Orkut. In these online sites, they make you create your own page, invite people to be your friends and share everyday details about yourself. Social networking sites are your online neighborhoods or communities.

You might think that with the popularity of other social networking sites like Yahoo! 360 and MySpace, why did Google name its site Orkut? Why not something with the Google name attached? For your information, Orkut was named after the Google employee who created it. His name is Orkut Buyukkokten.

Orkut Features You Don’t Want to Miss

If the name of Google’s social networking site doesn’t automatically entice you to sign in, you have to pay the site a visit. Orkut’s features makes being a member of this site worthwhile. While other sites boast of free membership for everyone, Orkut prides itself for being free but exclusive.

This site’s way of connecting people just doesn’t allow anyone to be a member, you must be invited. Current community members are the only ones who can invite people. This means, you cannot send Google an e-mail every day in order to be invited. Being invited to join Orkut is actually not as difficult as it may sound.

With the popularity of Orkut, there is a good chance that you know someone who is already a member of the community. You can also search online for Orkut members who are willing to invite anyone without knowing them personally.

You might think that the “invites only” policy of Orkut will refrain people from joining. Although some online users think that way, there is a good reason for this limited membership. There are a lot of social networking sites that turned ridiculous because they are free to use. There are lots of people who take pleasure in creating fake accounts and creating controversies online. Google decided to make Orkut a social networking site with special membership requirements in order to prevent such instances.

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