Online marketing strategy is what you need to draw people in. If you are new to the business, it helps get the attention of prospects. But an online marketing strategy need not be expensive. In this article we have highlighted some of these inexpensive strategies.

What Online Marketing Strategy Fits Your Business? online marketing strategy

An online marketing strategy that most companies – even the famous ones – use is the ‘sign up in our newsletter and you get something for free’ strategy. The point of marketing is for people to know about your business and for them to keep coming back. For them to know about your business is easy especially with an online marketing strategy. You just need to post in social public sites, for example in forums, about your website or your newsletter. But the real trick is how to make people want to visit your website and stick to it. This is where the incentive or the ‘free item’ comes in. The incentive could be anything from gift packages to discounts but the point is, very few people would miss a chance to have something for free. Chances are, if you tell them that they would get something for free once they sign up, they would be typing their names on the forms faster than you can spell ‘newsletter’.

Another online marketing strategy you could try is bidding on Adwords. Adwords is an advertising product by Google in which clients apply for certain keywords and once these keywords are searched on Google, the client’s advertisement will appear. Once the advertisement is clicked, it takes the customer to the website of Google’s client. This online marketing strategy is simple yet effective considering billions of people all over the world uses Google’s search engine in a daily basis. Plus it’s not that expensive because the payment for Adwords is Pay-Per-Click which means you only pay based on basically how many people viewed your website by clicking your advertisement generated by Adwords. Also, you could monitor trends and how well people react to your advertisement by the amount you had to pay Adwords. If it’s less than what you usually pay for in the same site then it might be time to switch to a more search-friendly keyword or a more unique one depending on the situation.

Now that you have a general of how online marketing strategy works, you might want to do this one little trick: buying low, selling high. Advertisement spaces sometimes have deals in which empty ad spaces can be bought at a discount. Grab this opportunity and buy that empty ad space. Next thing you need to do is sell it in a higher price but still relatively lower than most ad spaces rates. This online marketing strategy is a win-win situation because not only do you get to earn money, your buyer also lands himself a good deal.

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