online bookstoresOnline bookstores are such a great help in today’s modern life. It really saves a lot of time and effort. A classic example is whenever you want to get a book by a professional. Let’s say you want to know more about gaming. Your first attempt would be to browse through an online bookstore and look for books about the subject. Well, good luck with this.

Online bookstores are not always organized. The site that you’re browsing might not be able to help you. If you type out a certain topic, you probably won’t get the specific book you need in an instant. You will be offered with a lot of suggestions. This is the difficult part. How will you know if the online bookstore is giving you the best suggestion? How will you know if the book is any good? Is the online bookstore giving a fair price?

Think about these pointers the next time you visit online bookstores:

Be more specific

Narrow down the search options. Be specific with the words that you type on the search box. For example, you want to look at books on cricket. Type, “rules of playing cricket game” instead of just “cricket.” This avoids a deluge of unnecessary options.

Read reviews

Read reputable book reviews. Make sure you this before you purchase from online bookstores. This is one way of knowing what to expect. Read explanations on why the book is important. Conversely, read explanations on why it’s not.

Generally, a well-praised book is a good purchase. However, don’t let bad reviews discourage you entirely. These are just opinions. Filter the ones that matter.

Online bookstores do not provide any of these in their site. The best move is to look for other websites that offer reviews.

Read about the author

These bookstores do not supply much information about the author. It’s up to you if you want to get to know more about them. Read their biography. They should be experts in the field.

It would also help if they have won numerous awards. Online bookstores sometimes show thumbnails of book covers. Look closely. If you find the award’s logo, then the author is credible.  Examples of these are the Pulitzer Prize or the Nobel Prize.

Be mindful of the author’s style

It is not enough to know about the author’s biography. You should also check out their body of work. Acquaint yourself with how they piece words together. This will give you an idea of why they are different. If you don’t appreciate their style, it follows that you shouldn’t buy their books. You’ll be wasting money if you find out that you’re only interested up until page 10.

Likewise, online bookstores do not put this on their website.

Book price in online bookstores

This is a determining factor if you’ll buy or not. Decide if you’re willing to pay at the given price.  Be very sure that the one you’re buying is the one you need.

Check the return policy of the online bookstore. This is helpful in case you’ve made a mistake. Your chosen online bookstore should comply with consumer rights protection.

It would also help if you compare different online bookstores. Other e-bookstores sell cheaper because they carry earlier editions.  You will save a few pennies if you don’t mind buying these instead.

They put prices quite differently. You have to keep in mind that these items are going to be delivered. There might be additional fees on top of the book price.

You might also want to get a free monthly newsletter. The online bookstores’ newsletter will keep you updated on upcoming sales and discounts.

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