telephonesTelephones are heralded as one of the greatest inventions of all time. They are devices for telecommunications that allow originally two users, now even more than two, to be able to hold a conversation when they are at a distance. The science behind this is because telephones have the power to convert sounds, most specifically the human voice to become electric signals identifiable by transmission through cables over miles and long distance, and to relay back those audible signals to the telephones’ receiver.

Phones have surely come a long way. It started with the rotary dial phones. This is the one with the circular knob instead of the more modern style touch dial phones. It has now evolved into the more digital telephones. Of course, the emergence of the cellular phones have greatly affected the way we use them. But phones are still here to stay, especially for homes and offices. But the story I’m about to tell you is mostly about how modern telephones have affected my job. Here’s the amusing tale.

How modern office telephones almost cost me my job

Do you know the PC strategy game “Civilization”? Well if you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you don’t start because it is addicting as hell. Ask those who have tried it. They will validate as well. Anyway, I got the newest of the series, Civilization 4, and this is the story of how a game has interfered with my job as a network administrator for an Illinois insurance company.

Being a network administrator includes doing PC repairs whenever the need arises. One time, I told my coworker who was also a Civilization fan to join me in giving the game a dry run. So we played a game during work, taking our turns, so that someone can answer telephones in our repair hub, thinking that we would not be seen nor get caught. After a few hours into the game, we were clearly addicted to it. As the game goes, my civilization caught with his civilization and a battle began. It was already my turn on the game and my coworker needed to go to the bathroom. And then the telephone rang. Of course I did not pick up because the game sounds and music of Civilization will be heard on the other line. What I forgot about the modern telephones of today is that it can automatically turn up the speaker phone function when no one is answering. So there my boss heard all the bragging and excited game sounds while I was playing. The next scene would include me in my boss’ office. I was fortunate enough to still have my job, just got a little reprimand, and a lot of jokes from my coworkers.

Lesson learned – do not underestimate the high technology telephones of today.

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