network marketing truthNetwork marketing truth is not something that a lot of people have. This is why it’s either loved or hated by people hearing about it. Also called MLM or multi-level marketing, I would like to advise everyone to keep an open mind as there is no need to be extremely repulsed by it. The fact is, it’s simply a business model that could be used if you desire to. And this is the foundation of the network marketing truth that we’ll discuss in this article.

To clear all the unfounded negativity, however, you must understand how this business model works. This is how you’ll eventually come to the truth that it’s not so bad, after all.

There are two main reasons why people despise network marketing. First, some may have tried it and eventually failed due to lack of knowledge about how to execute it. These people can remedy the situation by debunking what they have previously thought about the ways of MLM. Knowing about the network marketing truth helps you identify HOW you should actually do things. The other reason is because of existing predispositions. People belonging to this group automatically associate or categorize multi-level marketing as a pyramid scheme.

The erroneous belief manifested in the second case can easily be discredited. Pyramid schemes are illegal (as if you didn’t already know that). Do you think big multinational companies who use MLM could continue doing business after all these years, if they’re doing an “illegal” practice?

In addition, ignoring the network marketing truth and tagging MLM as a pyramid scheme only gives off the image of ignorance. It shows that the person hasn’t done adequate research and study about the different business models available in modern times. More so, it shows that he/she is badly-informed about the industry itself.

People belonging to the second category are the ones who want more money but don’t have enough willpower to make it a reality. They hide under the guise of looking for “home businesses” just so they can claim that they did what they could. However, when an opportunity presents itself, they insist that it’s a scam so that they don’t have to try. Sadly, if you’re one of these people, you’re not looking for business. You’re looking to buy hope. Ignoring the network marketing truth won’t get you anywhere.

There’s a saying that originated in China saying that it you spend too much time thinking about your next step, you’ll be standing on one leg for the rest of your life. Of course, caution is important in general and there are indeed scams out there. However, the network marketing truth is that MLM is not a scam at all!

Network marketing truth: MLM is everywhere

If MLM is indeed a fraud, does that mean that the entire corporate world in the US is all a scam?

To address the pyramid comparison, think of any company. It has a CEO, a president, vice presidents, managers and other lower executives, sales people, all the way down to the bottom with the employees.

Obviously, the CEO earns the most, and the salary continuously dwindles as you go down the corporate ladder. If you want to earn bigger, you have to try to go up, sometimes on the expense of someone else (the person originally on that higher spot). This is just normal, right? This is a critical realization in the understanding of the truth about network marketing.

Add the fact that people at the top encourage or even force those from the bottom to work to their limits—only to take them out of the job before they qualify for additional benefits (there are exceptions, of course). Think about it, it’s just as “pyramid” as multi-level marketing! Everyone works hard, but the people at the top earn the most and are the most powerful.

Network marketing truth: Do it right

MLM operates on the idea that people involved should help each other, especially the new ones, move up the ladder. This, in essence, is the heart of the entire business. There are limitations concerning the ultimate number of people in a network, but with the ever-expanding global market, MLM never runs out of room for anyone. Just like all companies, a network marketing company can branch out and diversify to find new markets.

It’s all just a matter of knowledge

So the network marketing truth has been established. But how do you account for the high drop-out rate?

Well, this is primarily caused by lack of knowledge. The truth is, network marketing companies themselves sometimes do not provide enough knowledge to make success highly possible. It’s a delicate discipline, in general. As such, it’s crucial to do it correctly—and no, those “100” lists won’t help.

The industry is a very unique one in the way that it’s currently being operated. People should realize that MLM is a business model that relies on promotion and marketing that is being pursued by people who DON’T know how to promote and market.

Yes, that’s another truth. Let it sink in.

What network marketing should be

Have you finally accepted the network marketing truth discussed in this article? If you decide to conquer your inhibitions and dabble in network marketing, you have to approach things with the right mindset and acquire the necessary learning and skills. These are the things they don’t teach you in school.

How do you know if you’re doing it right? Keep this network marketing truth in mind. In the end,

  • You really don’t have to sell
  • You don’t have to give out flyers and post ads that advertise home-based employment
  • You don’t have to ask or beg people to join. They should want to join your business on their own
  • Others will willingly pay you to prospect them

You should realize that this is not about the vitamins, coffee, and other products you sell. Don’t focus on it way too much. In fact, that’s one of the major mistakes people make in MLM. Don’t make the same error. Uphold the network marketing truth you have learned.

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