negotiationNegotiation is one of the best skills that you can learn. It is most useful when you’re conducting business, regardless of what nature, with someone and you want to achieve a specific outcome. Negotiation has five cornerstones: placing emphasis on common points, presenting clear arguments, being innovative and open to other points, focusing on the problem to be dealt with, and looking for a proper solution. Together with these cornerstones, a good negotiator also has to someone who can be fast, firm, fast and fair: the three F’s.

Keys to Effective Negotiation

The cornerstones and the 3F’s are very big factors of negotiation. However, there are still other tactics that can lead an individual to perform a successful negotiation. What are these?

1) Be Focused on the Issue

You have to be able to focus on an issue until it gets resolved. You can’t just go swerving around it. You have to prepare logical arguments that can help smoothen your negotiation.

2) Be Firm Yet Polite

When you are presenting your points, you have to be authoritative. You need to show your peers that you know what you are talking about. However, you should find a balance between commanding them and being polite. Be respectful and acknowledge that they too have a say in it.

3) Emphasize

A good negotiation presents two parts: the negative and the positive. Be sure to emphasize both the disadvantages and advantages. This way, it shows that you’re not hiding anything.

4) Be Patient

It would be wise not to force people to hurry when you are negotiating. Let them take their time. Just be patient and let the negotiation flow on its own course.

5) Put Ego Aside

One must learn to lower his pride and compromise. Compromise is often unavoidable. Both parties want something, thus they would be fighting for it. Learn to find a common ground and find a friendly solution that is beneficial to both parties.

6) Never use Unethical Methods

This is not only applicable to negotiations but to all situations of life. You shouldn’t threaten nor manipulate someone just to get what you want. You are deliberately being unfair to the other person.

7) Don’t be Selfish

You must learn to look at the bigger picture when you are negotiating. You shouldn’t be blinded by your own personal desire. Look at the situation objectively and see it all as a whole and come up with the best way to handle it.

8) Be Open Minded

It would be best if you are not limited to your own opinions. Open your ears and listen to what they have to say. You should know how to handle people you are doing business with, therefore you should be prepared on whether they will agree with you or not. In times that you two clash and you are the one mistaken, make sure that you know how to accept it. Don’t try to create psychological traps. It’s won’t make you any more right.

9) Look for Permanent Solutions

When you are doing a negotiation, never settle for temporary solutions. It will not benefit you if it will eventually need fixing. Commit to finding the permanent solution. Once you’ve found it, that’s the only time that you should settle.

10) Value Time

Negotiations require you to be direct. Every person involve has their own commitments and schedule. This is why you shouldn’t beat around the bush anymore. Don’t delay time because time is important to everyone. Besides, delaying them will not make you look professional; rather it would just give you a bad reputation.

At some point of our lives, we’ll all need to evaluate. For this reason, you will find these tips will be helpful. Learn them and apply them. Soon, you will master the art of negotiation.

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