writing emailsWriting emails is a type of direct commerce. Reaching customers directly through emails reduces marketers’ time and effort in promoting a product.

The following are eight questions a copywriter may consider before creating an email letter:

1: Who are your target audience when writing emails?

Before you start writing, you need to determine your target audience first. This is the primary way in securing your sales market.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do your audience/customers want?
  • What frustrates them the most?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Why should they trust and believe you?
  • Why should they respond to you instead of someone else?
  • What kind of proposal will your target audience respond to?

2: Your Great Subject is Your Object when Writing Emails

Make your subject line interesting. Catching your recipient’s attention using an inviting subject will absolutely let them open your email right away.

Here are some ways in creating a subject line that will work adequately on your customers.

  • State an impressive benefit
  • Pique Curiosity
  • Create a subject line with a twist
  • Offer prompt reward

3: What’s In It for Them?

In writing emails, include each profit your product provides. Remember that product features describe the use of your product while benefits refer to the results of using it. Begin your letter with what your readers can get from your product. Let them know how they life would become better after buying one from you.

4: Emotional Approach

In writing emails, you must consider the customer’s decision of buying is based on his emotion and later on back up by logic. Determine your customers’ hot buttons. You need to push it to fire up your proposal.

5: A Name You Can Trust

Earn your customer’s trust. Give them the assurance that you are offering a credible product as promised.

Below are three ways on how you can build integrity with your sales recipients.

  • Give feedback and testimonials.
  • Implicate affirmation letters from known authority figures.
  • Make an efficient and convincing offer.

6: A Guarantee

In writing emails, assure your customers that all the benefits provided on your email will be met. On email marketing, a guarantee helps you prevent doubts and hesitations from your customers in purchasing your product. Meeting and accepting the responsibility on your promised benefits give your customers the confidence to trust you, your product and your service.

7: Don’t Forget to Ask

Offer every possible way for your target audience to make an order. Customers love to have choices. Before you come up with a conclusion, make sure to probe, ask and confirm all the order details to your customers.

8: The Eyes Have It

Exaggerated fonts, texts, and copies are often destructing to customers. Sometimes, they immediately click on the delete button upon seeing intimidating blocks of copy. Two to four paragraphs will do in writing emails. Create definite subheadings. Use bullet points, dashes, ellipses and asterisks to give emotion to your letter.

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