moving checklistMoving checklist is a must-have if you are planning on moving out. Leaving your old residence behind can be both exciting and stressful. Just as you thought you have everything you need, you might be surprise to find out you actually don’t. Better to be safe than sorry. Take time to create a checklist.

Why you need a moving checklist

A moving checklist will make your moving experience smooth. It will keep your thoughts organized. Moreover, it will ensure that you have not left even a tiny but important detail behind. This will save you a lot of time, money and effort. As you read through the article, you will find out more about the importance of a moving checklist.

An ideal moving checklist

Here’s a sample of what questions your checklist should include. Add or subtract as you please according to your circumstances.

  1. Utility

Before moving in, make sure you had informed your utility provider of your plan. Otherwise, prepare to get billed for services you did not get to enjoy. Make sure you have taken final readings on your meter and have communicated with your utility provider your desire to stop the services. Thereafter, make arrangements for a new utility service provider in the area you wish to move in. This is the beauty of a moving checklist. It makes your preparation all-inclusive.

  1. Mailing address

Your checklist should not miss this essential detail. Inform your mobile phone provider, bank, insurance companies and others who send you correspondence on a regular basis about the change in your mailing address. Arrange for a mail redirect.

  1. Services and Deliverables

When making your moving checklist, think of the people you hired to work in your house like gardeners, maids and drivers. If you need to halt their services, tell them as soon as possible. Also, if you’ve contracted for a regular milk delivery or for the delivery of some other items, tell the other party of your need to cancel it.

  1. Subscription

Do you have a newspaper, magazine or journal subscription? Make sure that your moving checklist includes them as an item that you should not forget. Cancel them if you must or order a change in mailing address.

  1. Tax and local authorities

Let you tax or local authorities know of your plan to move. This will give them time to finalize your bill. Then request the authorities to forward your bill to your new residence.

Enjoy your new house

Once you’ve finished ticking off items in your moving checklist, you can relax. You can sleep peacefully knowing that you’ve taken care of everything. With your checklist on hand, you need not fear of matters such as identity theft and surprising bills.

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