mortgage leadsMortgage leads are very important for loan officers and mortgage brokers. These people are always seeking these leads. This is because the leads are what’s keeping them in their jobs. These leads are potential customers who are looking for a loan. For brokers and loan officers who have no interest in sharing them, buying mortgage leads exclusively is a great option.

Mortgage leads: Buying them exclusively

When you decide to buy them exclusively, there are certain considerations that you have to make. First, buying exclusive leads means that you have to pay a bit more compared when you buy recycled or old ones.

Also, when you buy exclusive mortgage leads, the leads should be sold to you in real time. It means that aside from giving them to you alone, they are delivered to you within seconds after you filled out the application form online. The key is this: if the mortgage leads that you bought were delivered to you after a few hours, then these are not really exclusive leads.

Research is your most important tool if you are considering buying exclusive leads. You should take time reading and knowing more about the mortgage lead companies that you would invest your money in. During your research, call the mortgage lead company and speak with a customer service representative. Make sure that you are talking with a live person. This way, you can ask how the company obtains their mortgage leads and how these leads are delivered. You can also ask as to the time frame of their delivery.

Keep searching until you find the company that meets your expectations. Make sure to explain to them that you want your mortgage leads exclusively and that they will deliver the leads to you promptly.

Here are other important considerations when buying these leads exclusively:

  • Pricing. As you shop around for companies that offer them exclusively, compare the prices of their offers as well. Well, you should know early on that exclusive leads are more expensive than the non-exclusive ones.
  • Lead generation. Determine where the company gets their leads. It is common for companies to recycle leads and sell them repeatedly. Some buy their mortgage leads in bulk and then resell them. Make sure that you ask this when you talk to the customer service representative.
  • Return policy. Check out the return policy of the companies. You can find out about this in customer reviews.
  • Customer service. If you had to struggle before you can speak to the company’s representative, chances are, the company is not worth your time and business.
  • Referrals. One of the best ways to find reputable companies that sell exclusive mortgage leads is from referrals.

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