mental attitudeMental attitude matters 100% when it comes to any endeavor in your life. Whether it be business or pleasure, it affects the outcome of your efforts. It determines whether you succeed or fail.

Look back at your attitude as a child. Whenever you wanted something back then, what did you do? You did something very simple: you asked for it. Regardless of the situation or outcome, you asked and asked and asked. And often, you’d get what you want. And that’s because your insistence basically claimed your desires already.

As adults, we often shed and forget this mental attitude. We don’t have the habit of asking for what we want or need. Our attitude falls short of this assertiveness. Why is that? Is it because we got used to being told “No, you can’t have that!”? Or because you’re afraid that you will be told no?

Whatever the case is, it’s time to regain that mental attitude of asking. It’s only with that positive attitude will you get success.

Winning Contests by Claiming

What does it mean to win by claiming? Let me illustrate it to you with a personal story.

In the networking meetings I host, the finalist drawings at each meeting get a trip to the Cayman Islands. And I noticed that across the many meetings, only few people were winning the drawings a lot.

I began asking why. I wanted to know what their mental attitude was. Is it because they were asking for the win? Or because they were claiming it? I started to think that it was because they were doing both of these things. In fact, I discussed this phenomenon at the contest.

In meetings where they had drawings for door prizes, I would say “that prize is mine” for prizes that I really wanted. I began practicing a specific kind of mental attitude. I claimed the prize in clear, explicit words. I put in the belief that I already won, and imagined that the prize were already in my hands.

The results were startling. Almost every time I claimed that I would win, I actually won. This mental attitude of mine kept working. People kept asking me how I did it.

I noticed the same thing in other people as well. I watched one woman win the draw two meetings in a row. Every time, she claimed the win. Someone else would say that they’d win the draw for one of my audio books –and just like that, their card came out of the fishbowl.

Mental Attitude for Your Whole Life

This attitude doesn’t just apply to drawings. This mental attitude can work in many other areas of our life.

Think about your sales presentations. Have you often wondered why you don’t make a sale? Maybe it’s because you, too, fail to claim and fail to ask. Similarly, disappointments in your relationships, goals and successes are hinged on your mental attitude. You have to claim it.

Imagine: will the partner of your dreams go out with you if you don’t tell them what you want? Of course not! And people won’t help you out if you don’t say you need help. The truth is that people can’t read our minds, so we need a mental attitude where asking and claiming are encouraged.

But it’s not just personal empowerment at work. The attitude of asking and claiming brings forth good energy. This energy comes from the act of voicing what we want. The power of your mind, the power of the spoken word, truly exists. So be careful about voicing a negative. Your mental attitude determines a positive from a negative outcome.

So it might seem strange, but there’s nothing to lose by arming yourself with this attitude. Try saying “Today I have what I need to succeed. I am successful” regularly, at least thrice a day in one week. See what change happens. You’d notice that there’s nothing you can’t do.

With the right mental attitude, you’ll win the different “drawings” of your life!

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