marketing nicheMarketing niche is often confused with offer, even by professionals, and because of that, they are missing out on great marketing opportunities. What exactly are a niche and an offer? How would differentiating your niche from your offer help you with your business? This article would try to shed light on the difference between marketing niche and offer, as well as give you some of the benefits of being able to distinguish one from the other.

Marketing niche Vs Offer

You can think of your offer as the product and its ‘packaging’. It is what you do, who you are and what you can bring to the table. On the other hand, your niche is the domain or area where you make your offer. The marketing niche would include where you present your offer and whom you present it to.

Let’s have an example to help you understand the concepts of niche and offer better. Suppose you are a business coach. Your offer would be the kind of guidance or strategies that you give to your clients when they come to you with their concerns. It also encompasses your training, your practices and beliefs, your skills, your passion, and essentially everything else that makes you who you are. Your marketing niche would be the professionals or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their own business that is aligned with what you are offering. You have to see it as a domain respective to the people that you could best serve.

Benefits of knowing your marketing niche

When you have a clear picture of your marketing niche, you would be able to have a more precise point of focus for your offer. You can commit to adhere to the boundaries and standards that support your niche. This means that when you come across a potential client who wants your services but does not fit your marketing niche, you can refer them to the appropriate people who could help them. Ironically, doing so would actually increase your referrals. How? You leave a strong impression to those you turn away that you zero in on your marketing niche where your offer is of maximum value. If they see your integrity to work within your niche, then they would send people who fit in your domain your way without hesitation.

Knowing your niche and being able to tell that to your prospective clients would help them easily get a handle on your offer. By giving them a category to put your offer in, they would remember your products or services better. Paradoxically, categorizing your offer would allow you to set yourself apart and stand out from other professionals within that marketing niche.

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