marketing materialsMarketing materials must be well thought of and well executed because they can make or break your business. As a direct response copywriter, meaning you receive an answer straight from the materials without the need of a middleman, I had only one gauge whether I’m doing well or not – the results achieved from the work done.  This being the case, I became obsessed with getting better and better results. I would like to share this passion with you so I am sharing 5 tips that can aid you in enhancing your marketing materials.

5 Ways to Capitalize More on your Marketing Materials

1. Get to know your audience.

Your materials should directly address the needs and wants of your audience. And the first rule is that you get to know whom you are talking to. Talking about target audience, “all women” or “everyone with skin” is too broad and a very poor marketing decision. Imagine your marketing materials trying to cover and target the whole of human race, it’s just too ambitious. You have to focus on a particular segment — the more specific, the better. And ensure that the materials directly address this target.

2. Present benefits instead of just features.

This technique may be the most difficult to comprehend, but is actually one of the most crucial when it comes to writing your marketing materials. People go for benefits and not features, so just discussing your product’s features does not equate to asking them to purchase what you’re offering.

To explain better, let us differentiate between benefits and features. Features are defined as merely description of a product – for example, if you are selling diet pills, the feature is that the product is a pill. A benefit on the other hand is defined as the solution being provided by a product – for instance, weight loss.

In your marketing materials, state the reason why someone should purchase your product, as much as possible. In the example given, no one would purchase diet pills for the reason that they just like taking pills – they take them actually for weight loss.

Deliberate on the solution your product or service is providing and convey that on your marketing materials.

3. Make that headline work.

The headline of your materials can make or break your ad. So, it should be well crafted and well-thought of. Acclaimed advertising personality and writer of the book, “Confessions of an Advertising Man,” mentioned that people decide to read or not to read your marketing materials based on your headline.

Your headline must speak of three things: first, it must be directed towards your targeted customers; second, it must include a benefit; and lastly, it must be very convincing that your target audience is persuaded to finish reading the rest of your marketing materials. That’s pretty much a great deal for such limited number of words for the headline. Thus, headline writing must not be hurried. Take your time in crafting the optimal headline for your materials.

4. Remember the call to action in the end.

End your marketing materials with a call to action or an instruction to your readers on what to do next. Because if you won’t spell it out for them, they might not do anything.

It isn’t safe to assume that all your prospective clients are smart and knows what to next, because chances are, they don’t. Do not keep them guessing. Remember these are busy people and they might not have the time or energy to work it all out on their own. So go ahead, be straight to the point and tell them what to do next in your marketing materials, so you’ll be sure they would be at least doing something.

5. Make use of Captions and Postscripts

According to a study, P.S. or postscripts are the second most noticed item in materials. The third one is captions, the copy below photos, illustrations and other diagrams. Perhaps you can include a special offer or your can play up a convincing benefit. Just use these to your advantage and don’t waste that precious space in your marketing materials.


Try even just one of these techniques and you can already see end results. What more if you follow all five? That’s how you’d want your materials to work for you.

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