marketing jeansMarketing jeans started its rise to stardom in Europe during the Second World War. Comfort and relaxation was the main point in promoting jeans. They were also basic and could be paired with practically anything. So, marketing jeans became a platform for various styles. Because of these qualities, jeans marketing to men and women alike became possible.

Marketing Jeans in Europe

  1. How it started

Levi’s was previously just available for American armed forces. Then it became open for marketing jeans in Europe but in limited supplies. Promoting jeans in this context was directed towards the teens. Marketing to its target then proved to be a success.

  1. The timeline

Marketing in the 60s were expressed through the birth of tight jeans. Again, the target at this time were teens who wanted to be comfortable yet stylish. Teens who wore jeans at this  time could afford to do the usual things they did. Of course, while still keeping up with the fashion Europe demands.

Marketing jeans in terms of creativity and diversity, however, became more apparent towads the 70s. At this time, different styles of jeans were created. Marketing them became more glamorous. Thanks to the appearance of embroidery, studs and patches. These were systematically and aesthetically incorporated into the jeans.

The 80s was marked with marketing jeans to the higher class. It became synonymous with brands and labels. Jeans, in effect, moved from its former status of being comfort wear to status symbol. Suddenly, competitions grew. Companies had to find new designs to meet the demands. Acid wash, for example, became such a hit in its release in 1986 that people literally had to wait in line for them.

Towards the 90s, marketing jeans also embed the more traditional values. People became more concerned with the environment and family life. Promoting were done in a way that could encompass these values.

  1. Where do we go from here

Today, marketing jeans in Europe has a wide array of aveues to choose from. Major designer practice their art through fashion shows and fasion festival. Recently, promoting jeans to the youth had become profitable again through latest trends such as beaded jeans, beat-up denim or torn-knee blue jeans.

Internet also plays a big role when it comes to marketing jeans not only in Europe but in other parts of the world as well. Before, you have to go through dozens or even hundreds of stores to find ones that you like the most or that fit you well. Reastically, very few people have that much time. Now however, online shops allow you to easily browse jeans while in the comfort of your home or when you’re on the go. Plus, the variety is numerous.

Marketing jeans has indeed come a long way from what it was.

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