make people readMake people read in your site’s contents. I know it is a struggle but it is something you have to work hard on if you want to have enough amount of traffic to your website.

Nowadays, because of the many sites put up every day, it is so much more difficult to create traffic to sites. Because of this inevitable influx of sites, you have to learn to stand out and let others take notice. Make them read articles that get them to come back to your page each time.

Make People Read Your Articles through These Tips

  1. Think of a Striking Headline.

Like books, the article’s impression or chance of getting read is dependent of its title. Make people read your works by making sure you have a witty article headline each time, and a flock of people will surely invest time in visiting your page and reading your articles.

Make them read your articles by making a heading that strikes a person’s interest regarding the topic of your choosing. For instance, make your title about your success or achievements. A good example of this would be, “How my Dollar got me $17,000 in 3 Days.”

By getting a title that gives people the impression that you will give them tips to get them in a favorable condition; you make people read your article with the intention of someday earning that kind of money in three days too.

  1. Use Simple Words.

Don’t make them read your articles with much difficulty. Because you intend to increase the influx of your readers it is possible that various kinds of readers are viewing your website as of this moment. You don’t want them leave just because they couldn’t understand what you were trying to say. The key is no matter what topic, make them read these articles with ease by using simple conversational words that people can easily understand and possibly relate to.

Believe me, by doing so, you not only make them read what they want to know from your articles but also be open in learning more ideas they may not have been open to learning until they read your page.

  1. Shorten Sentences.

Make people read articles with short sentences. Make sure it is not more than 5 lines. It is easier to read short sentences than long ones anyway.

  1. Add Character.

Don’t just stick to your thoughts and your ideas. Occasionally, try talking about yourself. Make people read thing about you, and what you love doing. You can try to tell a story or insert some jokes. This way, you make them read not just the article, but who you are as a person.

By making your audience see that you are also human, you make people read a part of you. Relationships with your customers are created this way, and people become more inclined to reading your articles in the long run. The idea is to try to make them feel that you are just like them.

  1.  Eliminate Jargons.

If you want to make people read your articles, you have to be prepared to write about anything, and also simplify them. Customers are oftentimes overwhelmed with confusing words that they don’t bother reading the article, no matter how interesting it is. Make people read your articles by changing jargons into general words that everyone is familiar with.

For instance, instead of saying night-blooming cereus, say flowering cactus. Not everyone will be interested in reading something they have no idea of. To make people read your articles, you have to check on every word and see if a typical reader would be able to understand them.

  1. Bullet Point.

Believe it or not, bullet points are a surefire way to make them read. It appears short, easy to read and straight to the point. Let me make a good example

What to do before starting a business:

  • Look into the market
  • Find your target consumers
  • Fix a budget
  • Plan the expenses

See how easy it is to make people read this example? It works because most article writers tend to talk too much on ideas that are already self-explanatory. By writing articles that are short and simple, you increase the potential to make them read your site content.

  1. Converse with your Readers.

Never appear superior to your readers by applying a writing style that doesn’t feel approachable. You are more likely to make people read your articles if you are able to add conversational words that will break the walls between you. Choose conversational words each time, and reading your articles becomes much easier.

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