long copy adLong copy ad or short copy ad ? This debate has always strung a lot of confusion. Especially for starting business owners who really want their businesses to be known. Some say that you should have a short and simple ad.  Others contend that using a long copy ad catches more attention. It also helps supply the readers tons of information and curiosity.

Even theories and studies form different conclusions regarding copy ads. If we follow the 80-20 rule, 80% of the people will read the headline, but only 20% will read the long copy ad. However, if we look at studies, like one of the studies conducted by McGraw-Hill, which involved the study of the effectiveness of 3,597 ads in 26 business magazines, the study showed that long ads, which actually contain around 300 words or more, were definitely more effective in engaging customers to buy. Basically, this is due to the fact that a long copy ad offers more product awareness, inviting action from the readers and encouraging the choice to purchase the product. Another example that enforces the good effects of a long copy is the ad of Merrill Lynch which jammed as much as 6,450 words into just one New York Times page. It drew over thousands of responses.

In fact, however, the length really doesn’t matter. Nowadays, people refuse to read ads, regardless if it is a long copy ad or a short one. Whether long or short, good ads has nothing to do with length but with content.

If you are one of the many businesses that have tried all kinds of ads, whether long or short, you may just be failing to send the right message.

3 Reasons Why Your Long Copy Ad or Short Copy Ad has No Effect on Your Business

  1. The Ads are All About You.

Long copy ad is not a problem if it has really interesting content, but not when its all about the company, although it would make sense if it was. What you need is to engage or touch the audience in a different way than just telling them what they know. Long copy ad or short copy ads can help you put tons of information about your business but in the end what really matters is what your readers think they will get from your business.

You can say in your long copy why your business is the best, or use a short copy ad to say your company is the leading company, but in essence it says nothing. If you are using a short copy ad, write down benefits of the product. If you’re using a long copy ad, use it to your advantage by writing down the features of the product and relate it to the customer. It not only gives a more personal touch to the ad, but the idea that buying your products will be beneficial for them.

  1. The Ads Lack Excitement.

In short, your long copy ad, or short copy ad is boring that no reader is interested in reading it. If you want your ads to succeed don’t just put up pictures. Marketing and advertising are spaces used for creativity and originality. Without giving them a fresh take on advertising, you don’t give your readers compelling reasons to read your ad in the first place.

A long copy ad is not the problem, but the content itself. If you are simply going to distribute ads without creativity and giving the readers a different perspective about your business, you might as well not distribute them at all.

  1. Your Ads doesn’t Connect.

Your long copy ad or short copy ad has no effect on the readers because it does not make any kind of emotional contact or connection, and that’s the problem. Readers want to feel that businesses are connected to them in a certain way or that they understand what he feels. This is why effective ads mention their products on a much personal level where they discuss how the products could help make the person’s life much easier. By triggering the emotional connection, or the solution to their everyday dilemma and concerns, you encourage them to read more about your long copy ad or short copy ad.

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