logo graphic designLogo graphic design is an important element of a brand. But how would you know if you need one for your business? For you, having a logo may not be as important as it seems in a business, however this small thing maybe the difference when selling your product. Having a logo that is memorable for your customer could be the best thing for your business. It not only makes brand recognition but it also makes them think about you and the product you are selling as well.

Logo Graphic Design: The DIY Approach

There are about four questions that you must understand when trying to make your own logo graphic design. First, is your logo proprietary and distinct enough that it incites awareness? Secondly, is it the right kind of logo for your business or is it appropriate to your business? Thirdly, is it conveying the correct message for your company? Does it show what your business is? Lastly, is the logo the too idealistic to the point that it is annoying, and would it be outdated by the following year?

After completing and answering all these questions, you ought to think now on the color of the logo graphic design. One key important thing when adding colors to your logo, you must think if it would look good in black and white as well. You must think further and realize that there will be times when your logo will printed in only black and white. There will be times when the only available way to convey your logo would be to have it in black and white as in sending via fax machine or making several photocopies of your logo. If you think your logo does not look good in black and white then you must realize that you need to change the logo to make it more appealing.

In order to ensure that your logo graphic design is good for printing you should think about the four letters – CMYK. Get a logo designer who can provide you a CMYK version of your logo. This basically means – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK). These are the four most basic colors for any printer and to have it in this format would make it so much easier to print in different media types

Furthermore, it would be wise to think where you will be having the logo. Will it be posted solely in the Internet? Will be on print media or billboards? Having various artistic effects such as beveled edges and drop shadows and very intricate designs will have a profound effect on your logo graphic design if you post it online, however it may change when you decide to have it on paper. It may be very difficult to duplicate on paper and it may be more costly if you have it on paper.

So sometimes it would be better to have a simpler type of logo. Having a logo may not look important at the start but it can definitely help in giving your company sales.

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