part time freelance writingPart-time freelance writing has become one of the most in-demand careers in the industry of freelancing. Ever since the Internet boomed, the need for part-time writing has tripled. This is highly understandable since there are now various websites that require online content that are being constantly updated.

With the right contacts, part-time freelance writing can be a very lucrative career. There is a lot of work out there for freelance writing. Like mentioned earlier, this demand is seen in increasing numbers for writing online content that eventually boosts website traffic. The reality is of this need for online content is not only true for part-time freelance writing. A lot of photographers, graphic artists, and designers are also joining in the freelance trend.

Remember though, that even if there are tons of assignments available for part-time writing, this does not guarantee that you get a lot of work. In any booming business, you will have competition in the part- time freelance writing race. Make sure you stay relevant and competitive with these tips.

Part-time freelance writing tip #1: Market yourself.

Part-time writing is just like any other career—you must let people know, otherwise, you will never get any work. When you first meet new people, do not hesitate to mention that you do part-time freelance writing. Give them a business card. Tell them casually that your writing game is good. This first step will ensure that you get the contacts you need to start your freelance writing gig.

Part-time freelance writing tip #2: The best in everything.

Take care of your work reputation when doing part-time. In freelance, you get to handle everything yourself and this includes how people perceive you and your work. Are you doing part-time writing in newspapers or PR write-ups? This will determine if you will get hired for future part-time freelance writing work. So, always give your 100% in every assignment.

Part-time freelance writing tip #3: Establish a solid reputation.

Always remember that it’s not just your work reputation you need to be mindful of. Your attitude in dealing with clients is also paramount in freelance writing. Even if you are the best in business, if you are difficult to work with, clients will look elsewhere. Have a good work ethic and be sure to meet deadlines. These are some of the most crucial things clients look for in part-time writing.

Part-time freelance writing tip #4: Look for opportunities.

You should never wait for people to give you a freelance writing job. You should also be proactive about it. Go searching online for writing assignment. There is a lot out there. There are job databases looking for part-time freelance writers. You don’t even need to limit yourself to location. The beauty of part-time freelance writing is that most clients only require telecommuting and not your personal presence.

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Part-time freelance writing tip #5: Break into it!

One of the best things about this career is that you get to keep a permanent job and still get to write on the side. It’s a reality that some journalists and magazine writers do this part-time freelance writing gig. They do it while still being employed elsewhere. If you can afford not to have a permanent job, then you can settle with doing part-time writing alone.

A part-time job can be so lucrative as to replace a permanent writing career. However, a permanent one will, of course, provide job security. It would be a nightmare if you wake up one morning without any job and without any money to survive.

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Here are some tips to get hired:

Part-time freelance writing tip #6: Search online.

If you know where to look, the Internet can be a mine of freelance writing jobs. Best of all, you can do most of them at home! You can simply send your work via e-mail and get paid all on the same day.

Part-time freelance writing tip #7: Create a network.

It requires that you establish a network of contacts that will recommend you for various writing assignments. This may be PR professionals, company and business owners, and magazine and newspaper editors. Whoever they may be, there are tons of individuals looking for those willing to do freelance writing. So, make yourself available. Expand your network.

Part- time freelance writing tip #8: Write well to get referrals.

Before you get a referral, you have to show that your part-time freelance writing work is worth it. So be sure to do a good job. The job may be big business. However, the writers are pretty few. Ask your boss to recommend you to someone who may need similar writing services. Referrals will surely get you more assignments and more income.

It is a very lucrative and easy work if you’re willing to do what it takes. Take these tips and apply them. That is if you’re thinking about breaking into the part-time freelance writing world.

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