profile pageProfile page is something a social networking requires from you. This makes doing their purpose a lot easier. Their purpose is to create an online community for people who share something in common. Social networking websites are places wherein people can make and develop friendships. User can chat and befriend people they have something in common with. Now, it would be quite difficult to see this if they you don’t have a profile page. Your profile page gives other users a brief description of who you are and what your likes and dislikes are. A social networking website will find it difficult to function without this. Therefore a profile page is a necessity.

A complete profile page might get you more page views. This increases your chance of making new friends. Although very beneficial, a detailed profile page still has its disadvantages. One of which is that it is accessible to everyone. They don’t even have to be members to see your profile page. This being the case, the information you post can be seen and taken by anyone. This can pose as a threat to you. Therefore, there is a definite need for users to very cautious. You should not only be thinking of what you put on your profile. Rather, you should be thinking of what you shouldn’t put.

Ways to Keep your Profile Page Safe

First thing is, you need to be careful of the pictures you put on your profile page. It’s encouraged to put a profile picture on social networking websites. However, there are types of pictures that can be harmful. Don’t put photos that are provocative. This can be dangerous, especially if they have your name and location. This is the next thing you need to be cautious about. Don’t put your complete name. Your first name or nickname on social networking websites should suffice. In addition to this, do not put your complete address. In some websites that ask for a city or a state, just put your state. You need a wider area to avoid being found. If a city or town is required, however, best put a nearby city instead. Putting your location, especially if it’s a small town, can be very harmful for you. The less specific your location is, the harder it would be for a dangerous person to find you. Lastly, it’s advisable that you don’t post pictures or information of your kids, your income, when you’ll be having a vacation or your home on your profile page. These things can attract danger not only to you, but also to other members of your family.

Having a profile page on social networking sites can be very useful when it comes to socializing. However, there are people out there that want something else. To keep this people away, it would be best to limit the things on your profile page. The safer your profile page is, the more you can enjoy a social networking site.

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