job interview questionsJob interview questions should be well researched and well prepared for. A job interview can make or break one’s employment goals. So before your interview date, you should already study beforehand the possible questions that will be asked so you will be ready with the answers. That way, you will be more confident in answering and acing those questions.

Here are the 10 most common interview questions that applicants must prepare for, alongside how to answer them correctly.

10 Common job interview questions

Common job interview questions #1 why should we hire you?

This question often stuns applicants. The answer should of course be convincing, more convincing than what your competitors will say. To answer this, you should state your experiences and achievements which you feel would be beneficial to the company. State it in a way that you are confident and how much excited you are to be part of the company.

Common job interview questions #2 what are your weaknesses?

This is a double-edged sword question. You wouldn’t want them to see your weak side yet you still have to answer the question correctly. So to answer this, minimize your weaknesses and instead focus on your strengths. At the same time, mention the steps you are currently taking in overcoming your weakness.

Common job interview questions #3 where do you see yourself five years from now?

Instead of talking about the distant future, talk about short-term goals and the steps you are currently taking in order to reach these. Don’t forget to mention the company you are applying in as part of your career goals.

Common job interview questions #4 why do you want to work in our company?

This questions tests how really personally interested the applicant is in the company and not just because he found out of the opening. You must sound convincing in the way you talk about the company and the job you want.

Common job interview questions #5 why did you leave your previous job?

This question tests how professional the applicant is and his ability to stay in a job. Be careful not to say anything negative about your previous employer or boss because this will be a reflection of your character. Probably the best way to answer this is just by saying you are searching for better career opportunities or is open to expanding your current knowledge.

Common job interview questions #6 give three positive points would your previous supervisor would say about you.

Provide them with your good qualities that your previous employers have noticed, including praises of co-workers. This may be from your previous evaluation, or even from simple anecdotes and work experiences.

Common job interview questions #7 when were you most satisfied in your job?

This is a tricky question because it sheds a light on the type of employee that you were and you might be when the company accepts you. So be careful not to say anything negative about your previous job, but rather discuss your personal career goals and things that motivate you in a job.

Common job interview questions #8 How much is your expected salary?

Questions about salary often give a hint that the company is highly considering you. Potential employers would then ask about your previous compensation package, which gives them a range somehow of your asking salary. The best way to answer this is to say that you are expecting something similar to your previous package. Or if you are really interested in getting the job, say that you are open to any amount they feel is apt for the position you are seeking.

Common job interview questions #9 what can you do for us that other candidates cannot offer?

This is similar to that question on why they should hire you but a trickier one. Some applicants freeze upon hearing this. But if you have prepared yourself to answer this question, you should answer it with full confidence. Mention your positive qualities that you deem fit for the person they are looking for.

Common job interview questions #10 if you were an animal, what can of animal would you be?

You might find the question a bit odd and far from work experience questions. But this question actually gauges your personality more than career related concerns. Think of the qualities needed in that the person they are looking for and think of an animal that best fits this.

These are just a few of the most common job interview questions that are usually asked by companies. Make sure you come prepared on your next interview so you can ace that job. You should also research for more interview questions if you want to prepare more.

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