intranet hostingIntranet hosting hasn’t been a thing until recently. When companies desired to develop intranets before, they had to install an internal network and then later on a web server which they also had to set up to host their internal documents. An internal network called “intranet” is then created and uses web-based technology. The difference between such and the traditional company network is that everything on the intranet can be accessed via web browser.

The work doesn’t end there as the company would have to install special software, set up firewalls, and install VPN servers or switches just to secure access to the intranet. As a result, smaller companies couldn’t benefit from intranets for their businesses as the equipment can be very expensive and would probably require you to hire or train someone to keep it all maintained.

Intranet hosting introduced

This problem is no longer something to worry about as there are now a number of service providers that offer intranet hosting, sometimes called intranet application service providers (internet asp), which allows a company to outsource all the hardware, software, and maintenance for their intranet. Developing of intranets is no longer beyond the reach of smaller companies as they won’t have to worry about spending for maintenance and other additional equipment any more.

Why host outside your company?

Some smaller companies consider intranet hosting because of the whole cost factor. Larger ones, on the other hand, find it more cost efficient to not have to buy new equipment and train people for maintenance. There are many factors to why or why not to patronize intranet hosting for your company, which gives you enough space to weigh the good and the bad that comes from it. Here are some advantages as well as disadvantages you may get from having this type of hosting in your company.

Disadvantages of Intranet Hosting

Getting your intranet hosted outside of your company has downsides. It’s tricky because somehow leaves you with less assurance of security than when you have all your data kept internally in your company. Because the software you use is being controlled by the host, you’re also bound to face limitations on them and they may not efficiently fulfil the work you expect it to. In the long run, making use of intranet hosting can be disadvantageous to bigger businesses as it can also be more expensive than when the intranet is hosted internally.

Advantages of Intranet Hosting

There are, although, even more upsides to patronizing it in your business. When you have your intranet hosted, you won’t have to purchase or install hardware and software. You won’t have to spend extra either, should you need modifications in such. Intranet hosting also readily place for you your security measures such as authentication, backups, and disaster recovery. These hosts are also ready to maintain your equipment for you, which leaves you no need to hire or train personnel to do this. This intranet hosting also opens to you many available applications that you can use for your business. And when needed, your company can also be assisted by these hosts as they also have technical support to help you when there are problems with the intranet.

All in all, we can still conclude by saying that having your intranet hosted outside your company makes more sense as it can get way more work done for the success of your business. Make managing your company easier and better managed without the extra cost by getting it involved with intranet hosting.

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