independent authorsIndependent authors should have a single platform online where they can sell their books. Think of it as an online space where book readers could find over a million of books written, and published by these authors and artists. In this place, Independent authors will be able to showcase their talents and sell their works. There is an estimated number of five million indie authors all over the world and so this kind of web page will surely have a massive strength to be able to change the face of publishing forever!

To be able to improve the exposure of us, Independent authors, we should be able to reach out to our readers and increase book sales. To reach this, all these authors around the globe should combine all our efforts at an online marketing platform. Such platform will easily attract the consumers who are interested in books that are not found in a major bookstore nor from a mass merchant. The website will target these readers and will offer them a wide selection of independently published works they have never seen before.

The biggest problem that the Independent book sales will probably face is the highly decentralized marketplace. This kind of marketplace includes loads of webpages which sell books and services to other authors. It includes thousands of author websites as well. This is the exact kind of environment that seizes our chance to market and sell books of Independent authors to mass audience.

Once they are able to organize and show the readers this central location on the internet where they can find books which are not available in the leading bookstores, it will surely change the way that books are purchased. What’s more exciting is we will see it in a massive scale. This market of us, Independent authors, will never be touched by big publishers. This is fully Independent that is not ran by some online bookseller who will take up 60% of our cover price.

A Website for Independent Authors

There is actually a website which caters to indie authors so they can have the opportunity to market their works to readers. Aside from exposing the works of these Independent authors, the website also (1) Offers a platform for books sales of these authors worldwide and (2) Gives them a higher return every time their book is sold.

The website does exist. However, to be able to increase sales, we need to attract readers. To be able to do both, we need to seek and add more Independent authors because it will take huge numbers of book titles to attract consumers to the online location. This is the reason why these authors should unite now.

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