increase customer frequencyIncrease customer frequency by following these three easy steps. Why? Who wouldn’t want repeat business? The goal of in sales is to turn a first time customer into a long-term one – life-long even. This will determine if your business is in it for the long haul. Increase customer frequency by maximizing the value of every customer. You can do that by encouraging them to make regular purchases. Building a loyal client base is the ultimate factor behind staying afloat as a business.

How to Increase Customer Frequency

  1. Know Your Customers

You should be fully aware of your customer’s preferences. What they like and don’t like should matter in order to increase customer frequency. It also matters if you know their buying styles and patterns. If you have a repeat customer, you should not make them doubt you by offering products that will not suit their style. It will look to them like you are treating them as a first time customer and not as someone who patronizes your business. You do not increase customer frequency by losing their hard-earned trust.

  1. Build Lasting Relationships

Increase it by treating them as part of your company. Remember that without your customers, you will not stay in business for long. Keeping in touch with them is a good way to build lasting relationships. Make them aware of what’s happening with the company to increase customer frequency. If there are new stocks or upcoming sales, make them the first to know. Create a feeling that they should care about the changes in management or whatever it is there that they should know about. Increase it by making them feel that they should check out whatever is new with the business.

You should determine the best way to connect with them so you don’t lose them along the way. However, make sure that you use the right connection with the right customer I order to increase customer frequency and not decrease it. A wholesale buyer do not want you knocking on their doors or answering your calls on a weekly basis. Individual customers on the other hand will appreciate it if you get in touch with them regularly. Increase customer frequency by applying the different strokes for different folks’ strategy.

  1. Entice Customers

Another way to increase it is to make them show up. A discounted price for repeat customers or a special offer for new customers. Increase customer frequency by making them respond to your call. Enticing them with promotions is the best way to increase your customer frequency. Long-time clients and even new ones will walk through the door if they know that there is something worthwhile to check out.

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