aggressive resumesAggressive resumes can land you your dream job. They can be your passport to success. So how do you come up with one? Here’s how:

How to Jumpstart your Career by Presenting Aggressive Resumes

For you to be able to write great resumes, here are top considerations:

  • Remember who you are trying to please with aggressive resumes – Today’s competitive market necessitates that you make it to the cut. They will help you get the attention of the executives who will read your profile. Recruiters nowadays devote their time reading resumes. Before conducting an interview, they screen applicants rigorously. In the past, job seeking is a much easier process. Just scan the classified ads. Call the telephone numbers listed and voila! You get to speak to a recruiter. Now, it takes more than just that. It takes aggressive resumes to get an appointment for an interview. This is why crafting these resumes are very important.
  • Remember the objective – Resumes have one clear purpose – to get you hired. Remembering this will help you formulate the best resume to sell yourself. Bear in mind that you have to be noticed among your counterparts. Aim to impress upon your reader that you have a good background and that you are the best qualified for the job.
  • Know when you should indicate “Objectives” in your resume – Most aggressive resumes do not bear the word “objectives”. This is true for those seeking top executive posts. However, for mid-level or entry-level applicants, stating your “Objectives” can be very useful. Examples of great resumes with Objectives include:

3.1) “SKILLED ACCOUNTANT seeks a position with an innovative organization that makes use of a successful career to surpass company goals.

3.2) RESULTS-DRIVEN MANAGER seeks a position with opportunities to bring positive results to the company; areas of interest include sales, marketing and strategic planning

Notice that in the above-cited examples, what is emphasized is the company’s benefit if it decides to hire the candidate. Companies don’t fuss so much about as to what you want. They are interested to know what you can them. Thus, aggressive resumes must highlight this particular fact.

  • They no longer say that “references are available upon request” – This is now obsolete. Instead, applicants are encouraged to prepare a Reference Sheet which they can bring on the interview day. They can then hand the sheet over to the interviewer after the interview.
  • Omit the phrase “Responsible for” – Aggressive resumes no longer use this word. Recruiters find the phrase “responsible for” as implying mid-management level and below candidates. They view the phrase as simply not indicative of executive-level applicants. It is recommended that you use verbs that tell your role in an organization. For example, rather than saying you are responsible for departmental functions, say that you “oversee departmental functions”.
  • Aggressive resumes should be presented in a business-like manner. To do this, avoid pronouns such as “I”, my, and “mine” and “this”. For instance, instead of saying “Promoted to this $50 million division of an international producer of corn to expand sales into Asian markets”, say “Promoted to a $30 million division….” Substitute “this” with the word “a”.
  • Use numerals. While rules of grammar will tell you otherwise, recruiters recommend aggressive resumes to use numerals. Instead of spelling out numbers, use the numerical version. The logic behind this is that recruiters usually scan a given resume for only 15-30 seconds. Numerals can catch their attention in the seconds in between. However, if you are seeking academic positions, better follow the rules of grammar. Teachers and school principals can be very keen on your grammar usage.

Aggressive resumes make a difference

These are just some of the things you need to remember when writing aggressive resumes. Remember that these resumes can be your ticket to the job you are eying for. So know this by heart and apply these techniques when crafting your resume.

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