adsense incomeAdSense income of a hundred dollars a day? Would you believe achieving this much income is possible? Well you’ll believe it after this. There are actually known effective techniques on increasing income that can be applied to almost any blog or website. You may think these tips on increasing AdSense income may be not new, actually they aren’t that deep industry secrets, but they’re using one’s common sense, time, effort and skills hard into the matter. If you don’t do anything, then do not expect you’ll be earning thousands of AdSense income each week. There are certain simple strategies you need to employ if you want to increase your income.

5 Simple tips in increasing AdSense income

  • The most critical in increasing one’s income is to get more traffic into your website or blog. To do this, you can send out articles to lists of e-zines, lists of article announcements, group discussion sites, blog carnivals, social bookmark sites and the likes. That means you have to write an article each day, and not just any article, but interesting and high quality articles.
  • Make sure your ad units blend well with your website or blog. To do this, check out your Google AdSense control panel and type in the hex color codes from your blog or site. It is important that the colors of your website’s text, background and links are all matching. Simply fixing the colors will help in increasing AdSense income.
  • Avoid from using borderlines around the boxes of the ad units. Like in the previous tip, you want the colors to match, so make sure the borderlines are color coded and can blend in with the background, making them seamless. This simple change will affect AdSense income as well.
  • If you want more, look for niche markets that are financially rewarding. Check out if those markets’ costs per click are low enough that they are profitable. To do this, you can research keywords to check how much it is per click in Google AdWords. This can be a good benchmark if your ads will be effective or not.
  • AdSense income is actually directly related to keywords. But you do not have to excessively use certain keywords to the point that your content does not make sense anymore. Do not sacrifice quantity over quality when it comes to keywords. It would be better if you would hone your expertise in using the right on-topic keywords and the right amount in articles, which would supposedly generate ads that are most effective and relevant. According to experts, in order to get the most effective and relevant ads, you should use keywords in the titles and H1 tags.

These strategies and tips do not need a digital expert or a web artist in order to take effect. Just follow them and watch your AdSense income increase.

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