linuxLinux can just be the answer to your prayers. If you are struggling to find a software that doesn’t break your bank, turn to it. You need not spend tons of money for upgrades every now and then. It is not only user-friendly; it is pocket-friendly as well.

What’s with Linux that makes it a good investment

Linux has been in the forefront of developing powerful applications, desktop PCs, laptops and power serves across the world. Every day, they empower thousands of enterprises, big or small. Businesses who run open source websites supported by the Linux module find it amazing that everything comes for free. They can run their business simply by using the CRM application and the Accounting system. All tools, OS and apps are all available for free.

While Microsoft truly deserves respect, Linux people believe that software ought to be freely distributed. Indeed, Microsoft had improved millions of lives and businesses. However, the greatness is being overshadowed by upgrade fees that are hurtful to the pocket.

Microsoft’s Upgrades

Microsoft still does it – selling OS and apps. If you have a Microsoft OS that is now incompatible with other versions, you don’t have a choice but to upgrade. If you want to keep up with the technology, you need to shell out money. Take the case of Microsoft Word. Problems on compatibility arises when for example someone sends you a word file not compatible with your current OS. The only way to fix it might just be an upgrade.  This is how Microsoft earns its dollars. This kind of software model is, however, becoming obsolete.

Linux Distributions and Releases

Linux takes on a different path than Microsoft in terms of distribution. Ubuntu is one example of an awesome distribution. Some prefer Ubuntu over Microsoft because of its user-friendly features. Installation and setting up is easy. Just burn a CD and the set-up tools load up really quick. Unlike Red Hat, another distributor, Ubuntu has only 1 CD. Meanwhile, Red Hat has 6 CD’s and installation can take long. What’s more, Ubuntu is flexible since after setting it up, the user can adjust the system the way he likes. To get apps, there are Ubuntu distribution websites that sponsor the so-called “apt-get”.

The Ubuntu distribution comes with Office suite. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation segments. Your work can be saved using .doc or.xls formats, which are well-suited with Microsoft products. Ubuntu is filled with graphics applications and is capable of CD and DVD burning. It is also packed with multi-media features allowing you to play audio and video files. You can take advantage of its back-up apps and first-rate anti-virus tools. Delight in its built in VOIP and message clients. Have fun trying Sticky Notes to make your work life easier.

Linux Business Applications for Free

Another awesome thing about Linux is that it keeps on releasing apps. At the time you’re reading this article, another cool app may be underway. You can go to to see a list of hundreds of tools.  The site is dubbed as one of the most visited sites on the net. People just cannot stop trying more and more free Linux apps. In fact, it comes close to being the synonym of the word “free” in today’s digital age.

Free or not, a software must be user-friendly

In conclusion, applications and software that come free are really a joy for small businesses. However, the priority must always be the level at which users can maximize their use. A free app that is complicated can discourage users who won’t likely achieve the desired results.

The good thing about Linux, which goes the same to Ubuntu, is that it has a wide range of technical support modules. You’ll find discussion groups, forum, user guides and how-to videos across the net. People are naturally resistant to change. New technology may be too much to handle for some. Those behind Linux knows this all too well. That is why they have painstakingly labored over the years to make user-friendliness the top priority in their line of products. To experience for yourself, why not try it for a change? Who knows? You might emerge as one Linux geek who actually saves his business.

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