blogging technologyBlogging technology is not a new kind of tech. It simply refers to blogs, an interactive journal that is based on the internet. It encourages participation from viewers through comments.

It is a common misconception that this technology can only be used by individuals. Your business can also benefit a lot from using blogging technology. It is cost effective when it comes to getting the word out about your new product. It is a marketing tool that is often overlooked.

If it is used appropriately, it can drive traffic to your website or Facebook page. It can also help increase your sales, and establish your business’ authority in its industry. A lot of small businesses are apprehensive of using blogging technology either because maintaining one sounds complicated or lack of time and ideas to write quality posts.

Here are some benefits to convince you that it is definitely good for your business. Some tips on how to use blogging technology is also discussed below.

Benefits of blogging technology for business

  • Blogs drive traffic to your websites.

True, there are many other ways a business can pay to drive traffic to your websites such as buying an email list which is expensive and illegal. A business can even place paid ads which is equally expensive.

Blogging technology, on the other hand, is a way to drive traffic to your rarely updated website yet it does not cost a cent. When you write a post, it works as an additional page to your website. With the use of tags, your site can show up in search engines and, ultimately, drive traffic to your website.

This technology also keeps your social media presence strong since a blog post can be shared by anyone on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

  • The use of blogging technology can convert traffic to leads.

When your blog posts each has a call-to-action, or has words that encourages someone to exchange their information for the use of a feature, your use of this technology will surely convert traffic to leads.

With call-to-actions such as free ebooks or free trials, people will be enticed to try what you have to offer. Pairing blogging technology with an awesome customer service, your business will definitely enjoy having new customers.

  • Blogs help establish your authority in the industry.

Your website cannot contain everything, and cannot answer every FAQ but the use of blogging technology can. When your posts are about how to use your products, or tips that are helpful to your clients, they will see you as someone who is an expert in the field.

The moment they begin to need your product, they will think about your blog posts, and they will think about your business. Hence, every view of your post is a sale waiting to happen.

How to use blogging technology for your business

For beginners, it is difficult to write the first post not because you do not know what to write but because you worry on how to write it. Here are top 5 qualities of successful posts using blogging technology. Create your posts with these in mind and you will never go wrong.

  • An interesting opening captures attention.

Most people judge a post by its title or headline and first paragraph. Prepare to wow your readers in this area. Never save the best for last. If your product is world-class, write that in the opening statement, and simply expound it in other paragraphs.

  • Images make blogging technology posts stimulating.

Adding an image to your posts is as important as the headline. An image can make or break your post that is why it should not be a mere afterthought. Your image should be of high quality and original, not merely copied from the internet.

  • Write with focus.

Using blogging technology does not mean merely writing an article. Your posts should stand out from your competitors’ marketing stunts. Write your posts with focus and a clear point-of-view. No one would enjoy reading a post that has a 3-paragraph introduction and a paragraph that discusses five different topics. Remember, your present and future clients would want an informative, easy-to-read posts.

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