survey softwareSurvey software is a tool that helps you create surveys, or collect feedback information in order to evaluate a certain product or service. It should supposedly bring forth results that could help in decision making or further improvement. Uses of a survey software varies, from simple to complex.

Sample results of a survey software

Harris Interactive from the US used one to study if Americans were for or against texting or emailing while driving. Nine out of ten adults agreed that this is dangerous and should be made illegal. The research which made use of a survey software from Pinger Inc., a mobile messaging service, also cited that text messaging while driving poses the same danger as that of drunk driving.

While most respondents agree of the dangers of texting while driving, a whopping sixty-six percent actually confessed to reading texts while driving. Of this figure, fifty-seven percent actually admitted they replied back to texts or emails still while driving.

Results from the survey software also showed that these sixty-plus percent of adults who admitted to texting while driving were within the age range of 18 to 34, while those 55 years old and up comprised only of six percent. In terms of gender, men and women showed equal figures when it comes to texting while driving.

Surveys like this matter because of the topic. States like Florida, California, New York and Washington are actually already considering laws to ban texting while driving, thanks to the help of a survey software.

Importance of survey software

Surveys, with the help of a software, really do matter. Surveys actually help in determining the next steps to an important decision. It provides a peek into the actual opinions and thoughts of people. Numbers from a survey actually easily draws one to a news article. Another good thing about survey software is the wide range of topics it can cover – from businesses to politics, to religion, to charities. Whichever kind of organization can benefit from the information gathered by surveys.

Survey software in business

It is well utilized in businesses. Business organizations make use of surveys to better understand its customers and how to service them better. A survey can help a business organization who its real target market is, what actual products of theirs do they buy, and how their service can be improved. Surveys can gauge what is working for their company and what should be enhanced. Sometimes when a business contacts a customer, they tend to cover up what they really want to say and end up just saying they are contented with the business. With a well-thought of survey software, you can better delve into the minds of the consumers.

Survey software for employees

Surveys are popular when it comes to the human resource sector as well. Businesses often utilize employee surveys in order to gauge how their people are feeling about working for their company. Discovering their real thoughts and opinions can help in fixing problems of underperforming and demotivated employees. Employee surveys can even help in further product or service improvements, development of team projects, fixing employee disputes, and increasing worker efficiency.

When employees are happy, they not only work harder, but are also less prone to moving to work for a competitor. In fact in an actual employee survey, it was found out that workers actually did not mind having lesser pay if they were happy in that job, compared to a higher-paying job that was less satisfying. Happy employees means lesser employee turnover for the company, and better for the business.

Surveys really matter because we discover a lot of learning in terms of people, of customers, of the business, or any topic that you think will be beneficial to your company. Thanks to survey software, these can be done easily and efficiently.

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