hot leadsHot leads are the leads that are supposedly the best leads out there. They are the easiest leads to close. For those in the sales industry, they are very well aware that each day is important, especially when one receives info on hot leads. These leads can be yours today, and then gone tomorrow, and worse, in the hands of your worst competition. That is why it is very important to handle leads properly. Also, take full advantage of them as soon as possible.

Hot leads should not just end up being posted in bulletin boards or filed in a folder. That’s why they are called as such. They are hot. They must be attended to right away. Customers nowadays are smarter and more insatiable, so they tend to research and search for products and services. And you wouldn’t want your competition to find out about your hot leads.

What to do when you got hot leads

  • The moment you receive qualified these leads, most likely you are not just the one aware of this, because most likely they have made other people already aware of what they are looking for. That means, your hot leads can be another salesman’s leads also.
  • Timing is key when it comes to these leads. You have to keep them hot. You have to keep them wanting. And you have to be one to answers those wants. So whenever you receive qualified hot leads, you should immediately get into it.
  • If you do not do anything immediately, then you are letting your competition to get ahead of you. At the same time, those customers will continue on with their search since no one is contacting them yet. And you do not want that to happen.

What happens when you let hot leads go cold

If you do not believe me when I say how critical it is to work on these hot leads immediately, let me tell you a story based from experience. One time I have received list of leads after a weekly meeting, and I just pinned this on my desk’s board, forgot about it until the next five days. When I started calling the names one by one, they all had the same answer: that they aren’t interested anymore because they have already been contacted by someone else.

Lesson learned here is that you do not want those hot leads to go cold. Ignoring them even for just one day can already make a big difference, you will surely lose potential customers in the end.

Remember that when you have been given leads, most likely the customers have also been given your contact or your company name and they will most likely be waiting for your call. And if you call three or five days later, it might not look good from the other end. Remember that in the sales world, customers are meant to be pleased.

So what are you waiting for, act on those hot leads right now.

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