honest salespersonHonest salesperson, many say, does not really exist. We often believe that salespeople will do anything and say anything to close the sale. They might even lie. However, there is such thing as an honest salesperson and it could even be you.

Easy Steps to Becoming an Honest Salesperson

Here are a few ways how you can be an honest salesperson while making the sale.

Be true to yourself

How can you be an honest salesperson if you can’t be honest with yourself?  Before you even attempt to make the sale, you have to set your expectations and your mindset.  If you start with the mindset and expectations that you are going to double your targets no matter what it takes, then you are probably setting yourself up for a lot of rejection.

Treat your clients as clients – nothing else or nothing less

Sales can really be quite a numbers game.  However, when you think of it as only a numbers game, you start to dehumanize your clients.  They will pick up on this and want nothing to do with you.  Never lose sight of the fact that you are dealing with real people which you should not type-cast or take for granted.  An honest salesperson will see their clients as people that they want to serve, rather than a large dollar sign.

Be client-focused rather than putting yourself in the spotlight

We live in a society where it’s all about “I” and “me”.  The self-centeredness of our society has made us selfish and, at times, unbearable.  Being an honest salesperson means that you cannot be selfish in sales as it’s your clients’ needs that you have to focus on.  Being able to meet your clients’ needs is your meal ticket.  Therefore, make it about them by refraining from using the words “I”, “me” and “we”.

Don’t beat a dead horse

Persistence is one thing, but being downright annoying is another.  If clients have absolutely no interest in what you have to offer, then there really are few things that you can do to change their minds.  Instead, evaluate your potential clients carefully to ensure that you are a good fit for their needs.

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