highly creative writersHighly creative writers don’t just sit in corners all day in hopes of coming up with something brilliant. These writers are the ones who put in a lot of effort I order to come up with great ideas. A career in writing demands high creative output. It is not for people who want to nurse one idea for a long period of time before sending it out.

Ideas don’t need to have intrinsic lengths. But the treatment of these ideas have intrinsic lengths. The treatment of one idea can go from one page to a series books. It just depends on the intention and the capability of the writer. Highly creative writers are often aware of the treatment of their idea and how it will pan out.

Sometimes, writers are faced with what we call writers’ block. Especially if you have been developing one story for a long time. Even highly creative writers go through these sometimes. But one way to fight this is to write short stories. Short pieces give you the breather from an idea that you’ve been nursing for a while. They see short stories as a learning process. Short stories allow you to discover more about your craft while combating writers’ block.

So how do highly creative writers come up with ideas? What are their trade secrets? Following are some tips on how these writers generate ideas.

How Highly Creative Writers Generate Ideas?

  1. Books and movies are a great source of inspiration. If you didn’t like the ending of one book or movie, what could be done to improve it? If you are the writer, hoe will you build or end the story? Highly creative writers take inspiration from other people’s work in order to come up with brilliant ideas.
  2. Read newspapers. They do not read just one section of a newspaper. These creative writers search every page to look for interesting stories. Stories that do not happen every day. Highly creative stories think of these stories as a basis for a new plot. Like how do people act when faced with adversities? What would they do if they are caught up in situations like those in the paper?
  3. Be very observant. Highly creative writers are keen observers. They notice how people interact with each other. They observe every emotion – how people laugh, cry or what made them feel those emotions. Try going to a park or a playground and observe. Every single child or adult has a story to tell and those are what highly creative writers look into. It is also wise to jot down these observations so you won’t forget them.
  4. Search your own life. Your first times must have been something to share about. The first trip to the mall or a theme park for example. Can you remember how excited or scared you were? Your realizations when you were a kid might mean something. Ideas don’t need to be elaborate. Highly creative writers often take their own experiences into ideas that can be the basis of a good story.
  5. Talk to people. These writers don’t just rely on themselves to come up with something brilliant. A lot of great ideas come from conversations. Talk to family and friends. At your next family gathering, ask the elders about their yester years. You will be surprised at the type of stories that will come out.

Generating ideas in a relatively fast manner is the reason that sets highly creative writers apart from the rest of the pack. Keep in mind our suggestions so you will be part of these group of very creative writers.

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