online purchasingOnline purchasing has certainly made life easier.  No longer do your customers have to go through the stressful process shopping sometimes brings.  However, selling online does have its difficulties.  Buyers cannot try out products. They must go completely by your testimony.  The pay-off is hassle-free online purchasing which cuts through many inconveniences.  Therefore, you have to make sure that you make the online purchasing process as straightforward as possible.

4 S’s that Help Make Online Purchasing Easier


Perhaps the biggest deterrence to online purchasing is the issue of security.  Everyone hears horror stories of identity theft and online transactions gone awry.  These horror stories are enough to keep people from online shopping.  Others ensure that they only purchase from a secure website.  Therefore, you have to prove that you are a credible merchant. Make sure that your site is secure.  Use encryption technology and other security-enhancing tools. So that people know that their details are safe when they transact with you.


Someone wants to order from your website but they can’t find the form.  Do you think they will spend a lot of time trying to locate it?  Probably not. Make the ordering process simple and straightforward by making it obvious.  Place a link to your order page on every link or a clear paragraph directing them to the order form.


Trust is something that needs to be earned on the Internet.  If your customers are having issues after online purchasing, you need to offer them sales support. This will make them feel confident about buying from you.  Other ways to do this is by providing your true contact information. Customer testimonials also boost their confidence and trust.


You’re about to make the sale but you only provide one type of payment option.  Your preferred payment option may not be the option for everyone.  Different people are comfortable with different payment methods – PayPal, check or credit card.  Therefore, the more flexibility and options you offer (within reason), the better for hassle-free online purchasing.  This and the rest of the 3 S’s will build to a successful website.

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