handle complaintsHandle complaints better to create enhanced overall experiences for your customers. A good method to handle client complaints will help relationships with your customers. It will be advantageous for your company. Know that happy customers will eventually lead to more customers.

An ordinary customer will share a good experience to at least 5 possible consumers. Are you unable to deliver at the Moment of Truth? Will you leave your customer with a bad experience? That customer will spread the unfortunate event to 11 others. The clincher: if there is a problem during the Moment of Truth but you make a satisfactory recovery, they will probably tell more than 15 people about you.

Note: if you handle complaints well, the customer will share their experience with more than three times as much people as they would if you offered flawless services.

Here are a few guidelines to handle client complaints and widen your customer base.

1. Handle Complaints with Appropriate Employees.

Employees who handle complaints politely and empathically are sought out by customers with problems. The existence of such employees in customer service is important addition to any staff. The customer will always remember how they are treated by frontline employees. The ones who should be able to properly represent the company. The ones who are fluent. The ones who can relate with the customer well.

2. Offer Compensation.

Handle complaints by offering tokens to the customers. Any problem in the services can negatively impact customer loyalty, but a quick response with freebies can reverse the effect. A gift of 7000 frequent flier miles was offered to me by American Airlines once because of a very long delay, convincing me to use their services even after the long waiting time. Even a study has shown that more than half of consumers offered recompense were happy after an interaction with customer service, as opposed to those who did not receive anything, as reported by the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals.

3. Handle Complaints Quickly.

95% of customers return to the companies in question if the employees handle complaints when first reported, as found by TARP, Inc. That high percentage will drop to around 70% if the employees handle client complaints slowly. Don’t spend more than 5-10 business days to resolve complaints, and if possible, resolve problems immediately.

4. Tell Employees to “Be Gumby”.

Handle complaints like Gumby to make sure your clients are satisfied. On Saturday Night Live, Eddie Murphy copies a green figure called Gumby. Telling your employees to be Gumby basically asks them to do everything they can to resolve complaints. This necessity can mean going to great extents, simply because the company should always put the customer first.

Teach the employees who will most likely interact with your consumers to handle complaints well, and you will be able to help your company grow, especially because your customers will believe that you are reliable and worthy of their continued support.

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