teamviewerTeamViewer was founded in 2005 in Uhingen, Germany and owned by GFI. It is computer software that enables user to do desktop sharing, online meetings and file transfers between computers. It allows fast, easy and safe remote access to Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS.

How to Get TeamViewer

By visiting you can already get started by just following a few steps.

  • Click on the “Download Free” button if it’s for private use
  • Download and execute the program
  • Run the program and click “Next”
  • Choose how you want to use the program and click “Next”
  • Go through the License Agreement and if you agree click “Next” again
  • Choose your installation type and click “Finish”

Once you’ve installed the program, you can launch it. You’ll see the program’s interface. The TeamViewer’s Menu consists of:

  • Connection Menu. Here you can invite a partner, setup unattended access and Exit the program
  • Extras Menu. Here there’s Options, Tell a friend about TeamViewer, Open Log Files, Active License, Play or Convert recorded session and see your trial period
    • In options you will see the following:
      • Options for access your computer
      • Options for remote control
      • Options for meetings
      • Options for computers and contacts
      • Settings for audio conferencing
      • Settings for video source
      • Template for “Invite Partner” – email
      • Advance options
      • Help menu. Here you can access TeamViewer web help, TeamViewer website, Feedback, Check for new versions and about.

Now that you know its interface, perhaps it’s time to learn how you can use TeamViewer. The most essentials thing that you need in order to use it is you TeamViewer ID and password. You need to give your ID and Password, which is viewable in your interface, to your partners, in order for them to connect to your system. All participating parties must have TeamViewer open, in order for one to take control of another’s computer.

So, how do you establish a remote connection?

  • Launch TeamViewer
  • Request for your partner’s ID and Password
  • Click on “Connect to Partner”
  • Enter their ID and Password and click on Log on.

If you don’t wish to use Remote Control, you can opt to use File Transfer. It allows you to send and receive files. You simply have to choose the files you need to be transferred and their destination, and then click on Send or Receive.

If you’re interested in meeting up with more than one person, you can set up or join a meeting in TeamViewer. Getting started with it isn’t hard either.

  • Click on the Meeting tab and select Start instant meeting
  • If you are the presenter, let your participants know the meeting ID of the one you have set up, in order for them to join.
  • If you’re the participant, type in the Meeting ID and click on “Join Meeting”
  • The names of the presenter and participants is available on the interface

To make things easier, you can create a list of your computers.

  • Click Computers and Contacts link located at the lower right hand corner
  • Click on Sign Up and provide the necessary information
  • Set a name and password for your computer
  • Press Next and confirm
  • Click on Finish
  • The computers and contacts will then be attached to your TeamViewer interface.

Team Viewer makes desktop sharing easier. Visit for more information about TeamViewer.

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