greater conversionGreater conversion of customers is hard to get, but a few easy things can be done to convince more customers to choose you. One of the hardest challenges when looking for great conversion is definitely trying to find a customer base. This makes greater conversion hard because most print advertisements will not reach a huge audience. This is an important point when searching for conversion. It offers a new platform for marketing: online. Online sales and a few tips can bring you on the road to great conversion in no time.

Hyperlinks for greater conversion

Greater conversion can happen by making things helpful and more interactive to your customers. Studies show that most customers will click on images even if they do not actually connect to anything important. To make the most of this fact and get greater conversion, make sure that all of the images on your website contain a hyperlink. These hyperlinks will make your website more usable and customer friendly. Just a few extra clicks will give you great conversion in no time.

Proactive lines

Sometimes, online websites forget to tell a person how or where they can get the products or services they are paying for. This can make you lose customers. To counteract this, try to incorporate a few proactive lines onto your page. A simple line that says where to get your products or how to contact your sales representatives can make a huge difference. Greater conversion can definitely come to your company if you try making your customers do something. Just make sure that the things they have to do are fast and easy. If you let your customers do something confusing, they may opt out of buying your products.

Greater conversion: Rid your site of overlooked images

Greater conversion can also be achieved if you start making sure that all of your site’s images are larger. Use medium sized images (210×230 pixels) to make sure that none of your images are being overlooked. If you use much smaller images, they will barely be noticed by potential customers. Studies show a huge increase of attention time is spent when on medium sized images. Greater conversion can be achieved by keeping your customer’s attention a little while longer. If you can, try to incorporate faces into the images you add to your website because the same study says they hold interest the longest.

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