writing for moneyWriting for money — who doesn’t want to earn additional income? You probably have heard a lot about earning online via writing, but do not know how to do it and where to start. Let me provide you a quick and basic guide here about writing online.

Writing for money online guide

1) The basics of writing for money online.

The logic behind earning money through online writing is whenever you write an article, you lead the target audience to a website where they can purchase a certain featured product. This product is of course related to the article topic you are writing about, and you will be able to earn from it if you get someone to purchase the featured product. And every time someone buys that product, you get a certain sales commission. That is basically how writing for money works.

2) The objective.

One great aspect regarding writing online is that essentially it is free. The critical thing here is that you should write something that is important and relevant to your target audience. The articles you write will be then submitted to an article submission site.

3) The right affiliate links.

In writing for money online, it is important in your article that you feature the right links to webpages. The correct affiliate links will be the ones to lead your readers into the website of the sellers. Remember it is your goal to lead that person to the seller’s site and when he purchases a product that is the only time you will be rewarded part of the commission.

4) An in-between page.

In writing for money online, more often than not, the websites where articles are submitted refer the links to the sites that lead directly to your webpage, instead of the seller’s site. This can be done easily since there are quite a lot of sites out there that allows you to make webpages that do not contain relevant links that lead directly to the seller’s website. These webpages are what we call an in-between page. Examples of these are UsFreeAds and Squidoo. They are called “in-between” because literally they are between the written article and the seller’s site.

The good thing about in-between pages is that you can include a lot of affiliate links in it. Personally I prefer Squidoo. What you need is to make an UsFreeAds page that sends the reader to a seller’s site together with your affiliate link. Then you write an article that links to that UsFreeAds page.

5) Where you can get affiliate links.

Do not worry about searching for affiliate links when you’re writing for money, since there are a lot of organizations out there that needs product promotions and allows you to sign up. There are even websites that contain hundreds and hundreds of goods and services that you will be able to choose from, all in just one website. Try visiting commission junction or ClickBank. The good thing is, signing up is absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start writing for money? The only thing you need to do is to start right away, and you’ll be on your way to earning extra income. Start with select a product for promotion, and then begin writing to earn!

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