giving free itemsGiving free items is a good way to promote your website and boost your sales. Almost everyone using the Internet search for free items- free books, free products, and free e-zines. Free items entice most of us. Who does not want anything for free? There is nothing more exciting that getting something for nothing. Giving free items is good for any business. If you have an online business and you want to boost your sales, you should consider giving some free items. Think of all the times you’ve searched the Internet for books, information, products or services. Most definitely, you included the word FREE on your search. If you are giving free items and you are advertising them, most likely, you will appear on the of engine searches. Giving items for free has a lot of benefits. It is an easy way to help boost your sales.

Reasons Why Giving Free Items is good for Your Business

Giving some free items is good for your business in many ways. When you run an online business, giving free items like services, information and products can boost your search engine rankings. When your clients find you at the top of their search engine result, they will inevitably see and check your website.

By giving items for free, you become familiar to your customers. They see what your site has to offer and check out the products that you sell. They may even consider buying something from you. Think of giving free items as giving them a peak or a taste of what your site has to offer.

With this, you get their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This is very good for your business. You will have the chance to contact them again and again to tell them to visit your site. You can give those free updates and free information about your products. You establish constant communication with your customers when you have direct access to them via e-mail. You establish familiarity when you send them e-mails on a regular basis. First- time visitors typically do not buy products from your site immediately. By giving them free items, special offers and advertisements, you boost your chance of convincing them to buy your products or avail of your services.

Things to Consider When Giving Free Items

  • By using the word “FREE”, you can actually drive traffic to your website. Use classified ads with a headline that says “FREE” and emphasize that you are giving free items. Make your ad simple yet enticing. You are getting more people to check out your site when you offer free products or services. Putting your free items on the classified ads will cost you nothing. Be sure to submit ads often so you can create traffic to your website. Aside from classified ads, you can also advertise that you are giving free items on e-zines, articles, reports or e-books.
  • Make sure that you are giving items that are of high quality. The last thing you want is to disappoint your customers. These free items will say a lot about you and the products that you are offering. Impress your customers. Giving free items is not enough. The customers must be satisfied and happy so they will come back to your site.
  • Make sure that what you give away is appropriate to your targeted customers. If you are targeting a certain niche, make sure you are giving free items that are related to what you are selling. If you are selling beauty products, giving free products that are related to beauty will be most beneficial to you. Giving items that are unrelated to your products will just drive away potential customers.

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