ghost writerGhost writer is the easiest solution to a writing brain freeze. Can’t come up with a good article to write? Need to update your website with content on a regular basis to keep the search engines (and your visitors) happy? You’d do it but suffering from writer’s block? Sounds familiar, right? Ghost writers are there, for a fee, to help you out.

This writer is someone who writes an article for you. You get to claim it as your own and publish under your own name. No one, apart from you and the writer, needs to know that you didn’t write the article yourself. Of course, you would need to pay for their services. Once you do, you hold all rights to it. You can publish wherever and however you see fit.

Now, when you do find yourself in a situation where you cannot simply find the time or the mental commitment to write an article, find a ghost writer. But how do you do it? Here are a few ideas on how to find one.

  1. Wanted: Ghost Writer

Start by posting a small project on elance or Interested writers can bid on the project and you get the freedom to choose your writer from the bidders. Small projects are ideal because you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get until the finished articles. A small project in elance or guru terms would be about 15 to 20 short articles. The subject matter should either be common knowledge or easily researched. Make sure your small projects would attract the attention of your potential ghost writer. At the same time, it allows you to be cost-efficient without paying too much per article.

  1. Network! Network! Network!

Ask your friends, colleagues or post on message boards. Ensure that these message boards you post in are related to the articles you want written about. Simply inquire whether anyone is interested in writing for you. Another group to target are freelance writers. A freelance writer could be an ideal ghost writer. You may want to use your favorite search engine sites to find sites like to find your dream writer.

Once you’ve found that ideal writer, what do you do? Here are a few finer details to focus on once you do.

  1. Everything Comes With a Price.

Pricing for ghost written articles can range anywhere from $2.00 to $65.00 per article. Most ghost writers will charge about $5.00 to $12.00. Remember, though, that shorter articles call for less monetary compensation. The average article length is about 300-1200 words. So shop around. But don’t rely on prices alone. Like with everything else, you will get what you pay for. Articles in the $2 to $6 rage tend to be simply and quite honestly, boring. A decent ghost writer will crank out an average of 4-5 articles per hour. The quality of these written articles will be evident as well. However, you can still find some great articles in the price range of $8 to $12.

  1. Ask for a Sample

When choosing a ghost writer, ask for a sample article. Find a writer whose style you like and ask them to write a few articles each. This should give you an idea of who will work out and who won’t. If you have some articles of your own, provide them with it. It gives them an idea of your writing style and personality. Choose one or two ghost writers who will write for you on a regular basis. However, don’t disregard the runner-ups; stay in touch. You never know when you might need them for additional projects.

So, think. How much are you now paying to advertise on various websites and newsletters? $25 per ad or more? For the same price, you can easily get 2 to 5 quality articles from a ghost writer. These articles, together with a link to your site, can appear in countless publications and websites again and again. They may even be published in larger newsletters or even print papers and magazines that you could never afford otherwise. In the end, they are an undeniably great investment.

A ghost writer is definitely worth the money. Not only is it a fast and easy way to add content to your site, but it’s also very convenient. When using articles written by a writer, optimize them by using a particular keyword or key phrase. Hiring a ghost writer helps in improving search engine traffic. Then submit the un-optimized version to various article directories. The more your article is used in other sites, the higher the traffic coming in.

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