getting motivated buyersGetting motivated buyers is the dream scenario of any sales professional. You might be doing a lot of tricks and techniques to start finding motivated buyers. But you may have noticed that you’re losing out to your competitors. Is it because they have the inside track to getting motivated buyers?

No –there’s no unachievable secret track. Getting these buyers is a matter of conducting a successful sale and becoming an emotional favorite. To get success in sales, three things are required:

  • A viable product that addresses a need
  • Credibility
  • Timing

To know more about these tips to getting motivated buyers, read on.

Value of Timing and Connecting

Beyond having a viable product to sell, success in sales also requires correct timing and credibility. Selling goes beyond just telling your market the value of your products and services. It’s about communicating the value of doing business with you.

Why is this relevant? Customers are faced with many sales people offering them different products and services. “Out of everyone, why you?” This is the question posed to people who want to start getting motivated buyers. You should be able to differentiate effectively.

Sales timing is everything according to some who have succeeded in getting buyers. When it comes to finding motivated buyers, experienced sales professionals say that timing is the only thing that matters.

The value of being first cannot be underestimated. By being the first supplier, you secure that business. The buyer begins to shape their solution for their needs around your product or service. This creates attachment, and emotional ties to the solution that you offer.

You need to be the first –or at the very least, the second—person a motivated buyer talks to. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Sheer numbers – If you contact enough prospects, you will definitely be the first contact of many motivated buyers.
  2. Referrals – This occurs when someone tells you a motivated buyer has need for your specific products or services.
  3. Become a buyer’s emotional favorite – By being the emotional favorite, the buyer will even call you first.

With these in mind, just imagine the benefits to your long-term goals of getting motivated buyers.

Getting Motivated Buyers as the Emotional Favorite

The “emotional favorite” is the person or supplier that you call when you come across a problem. You will call them regardless of what you need. Buyers call the person who has helped them in the past. By relying on this kind of connection, you add value to your business or career. You start getting motivated buyers with this strategy.

The question is how to become the emotional favorite. There are many different ways to become the emotional favorite, and to use it to start getting buyers.

And when you meet in person, you should avoid becoming the ‘stereotypical’ sales person. Don’t launch into a sales pitch immediately. That’s a sure way to get their eyes glazed over –and you’ll become the last person they’ll call. Being the last resort is not the right way to getting motivated buyers.

You create that relationship by asking questions about the buyer when you meet for the very first time, and at the end of every sales call. You make sure that every interaction is personalized. When it comes to getting motivated buyers, you need to put in that extra effort.

It begins with asking the right questions. Don’t start in an abrasive manner that explicitly asks “What’s your greatest challenge?” Getting these buyers requires interpersonal skills. Start with open-ended questions on any topic, like government or technology, that can be related to their business. You can share some of your insights or talk about other industry contacts. After some small conversation, you then ask about their greatest challenges, and how you can help them.

Getting motivated buyers also about how you frame your questions. Don’t appear strict to the supplier-buyer relationship. Appear genuine. Show concern over the issues they face, the solutions they’re looking for, and the problems they’re having.

And listen. Listening skills are also important in getting motivated buyers. When the buyer stops talking, wait 6 seconds and then listen again to what comes next. Let them tell you about their problem and how it impacts them.

Now that you have the right information, you can then offer the solution to their problem. Asking the right questions gives you the better understanding of buyers and organizations, the chance to improve relationship and form contacts, and the opportunity to learn opportunities to sell.

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