getting customersGetting customers for your new business is not a walk in the park. Imagine the time when you’re still planning about your new business venture? It all looked like you’re doing things right because you’ve thought about every aspect of the business. However, when everything’s set up ad no one walks through the door, that’s the time that you’ll think if you’re destined to fail.

Getting customers to avail of your products or services require a lot of effort from new business owners. If you are a new business finding it difficult to get your business off the ground by getting some customers, we have a few suggestions. The following tips will help you get your bearings and start getting customers.

Tips for Getting Customers

Put your plans in writing. Remember that time when you’re brainstorming with friends and they gave out a lot of suggestions? Yes, you remember the time but not what they said. If you do not have a business plan I writing, start doing so. You have to set goals that you want to achieve. For example, getting customers to notice your business. What plan do you have in place? This plan will guide you ad will act as a spring board for other brilliant ideas. A plan will help you gauge the development of your business. It will also show if you really are getting customers since the first week that you opened your business. You also need to clearly define who you are as a business and the type of people that you want to reach out to. In your plan, you should also pinpoint your niche market.

Make use of your network. Your family and friends might be aware that you are opening a business. How about their friends and relatives? Reminding your contacts about your new venture and asking for help in getting customers will not hurt. Send out e-mails to all your contacts. Describe your business and the products or services that you offer. Ask them if they can help you spread the word about your business. Since they are in your contact list, they will not think that it’s spam. Call or write to people who do not have e-mails. If they are not interested, asking for referrals is the best way in getting customers.

Get media exposure. Local newspapers and radio stations always look for special interest stories that they can feature. Since you are an up and coming business serving the community, submit your story. However, don’t make it all about the business. Use an interesting slant to your story. Getting customers to check out your business will start from curiosity. Think of something that will grab the attention of media people so it will give your story a big chance to be featured.

Be your own advertising board. Tell everyone you meet about your business. Enthusiasm is contagious so make sure that when you tell people about what you do, you tell it with excitement. Getting customers to get to know your business from your perspective will be more convincing than an ad on the paper. Be a walking advertisement for your business.

Be patient and build relationships. Do not get disheartened when you do not make a sale on your first approach. Getting customers on your first try might not be successful. It is actually a good thing if you get refusals because you’ll know what to improve. Getting more customers to avail of your products or services takes a lot effort. Make sure that you follow up with people and build lasting relationships are the keys to getting customers. A loyal client base and repeat customers are better than getting more customers that are good for one time purchases only.

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