digital marketingDigital marketing for small businesses is a hot topic in the business world. The Internet has come a long way. It started with just a few people, mostly academics, who needed a way of trading valuable research. Over time, it has expanded into a repository of unlimited information. One might ask, with regards to entrepreneurship, how does this affect the status of small businesses all around the world? Digital marketing for small businesses is an easier, less expensive, but nonetheless effective alternative to traditional advertising.


Marketing for small businesses is alive and well. The energy it has right now is driven by innumerable online proprietors and customers. Whether it’s a service or product, you can find most of the things that you desire on the Internet.

No more irritating phone calls as e-mails have already taken its place. People don’t go to malls as often as before because online shopping is so much more convenient. Likewise, mail-order catalogues are becoming irrelevant and a thing of the past. Society is slowly ditching all these in favor of digital marketing for small businesses.

The Internet and digital marketing for small businesses

There are many challenges of going online. One of these is stiff competition. Almost everyone is vying for attention and screen space. It is a tough job rivaling with hundreds or even thousands of proprietors who offer similar products. Digital marketing for small businesses is a surefire way of surviving the competition.

In order to keep up, there are a few key things that must be utilized by anyone who’s thinking of delving into it for small businesses:

  • Search Engine Optimization

A huge part of digital marketing for small businesses is SEO optimization. Amp up your rates by not only focusing on the number of keywords you use; you should also consider using extra-specific terms/keywords.

Refrain from using generic terms such as ‘shoes’ and ‘bags’ if your products are all about these things. Instead, be more specific by writing something like ‘vintage Italian shoes’ or ‘big leather bags.’

  • Specificity in product offerings

Come up with a product line that is truly unique. This will make digital marketing for small businesses a lot easier.

  • Links to related topics and sites
  • Interesting web content

Being ‘out there’ in digital marketing for small businesses

If you want to get noticed right away, include your property in a publication or listing. This is to make sure that you are visible to a lot of online users. There are specific ways to go about this.

  • Podcasts

Podcasts are audio files uploaded on the Internet. These are typically recorded as series, sometimes with a particular theme. Subscribers can automatically receive new installments if they want to—this is an ingenious digital marketing for small businesses.

Podcasting is a modern and inexpensive form of word-of-mouth advertising. Podcasters can mention the name of your company here and there whenever they are recording. Anyone who’s into digital marketing for small businesses surely knows that this media mileage is highly valuable.

Another thing that makes a podcast awesome is that it’s downloadable—it can be played on loop using a smartphone or a tablet. This is a cool approach in digital marketing for small businesses.

Also, don’t worry too much about sponsorship rates. Podcasters give leeway to newbies as they have daily, weekly and monthly packages that you can choose from.

Before you get into this, make sure that the podcast relates to the concept of your business. Do your digital marketing for small businesses appropriately.

  • Banner ads

Marketing for small businesses entails that you try to connect your site to other, more popular ones. Banner ads are made possible through ad servers. The ad is embedded into a webpage that has a lot of traffic. Once online visitors click these, they are automatically redirected to your site. This type of digital marketing for small businesses is not too pricey compared to pop-ups, which are also extremely annoying to some visitors. Again, it must be stressed that banner ads belong to relevant pages.

  • Journals and online magazines (e-zines)

Online journals and magazines can be used for added exposure. Digital marketing for small businesses is a departure to traditional print. These types of platforms target a specific audience. If you want to improve on marketing for small businesses, reach out to a niche market.

Added tip: Customers search online whenever they want something. Make sure they run into you. It’s time to improve your game on digital marketing for small businesses.

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