garage sale tipsGarage sale tips can make your garage sale stress free. If it is your first time to set up a garage sale, you will surely benefit from these tips. If, on the other hand, you are used to holding garage sales, you may find useful strategies that you have not adopted before.

These garage sale tips are meant both for neophytes and experts. Read on to find out these amazing tips!

Garage Sale Tips in Pricing

A topic that should not be missed out among tips is “pricing”. How you price your items is very important. If you price your goods too high, they will be ignored by the onlookers. If you price them too low, your garage sale will be a futile attempt at earning profits. You need to find the middle ground. Remember that while earning profits is important, equally important is earning loyal customers. Therefore, garage sale tips in pricing should be considered before you venture out into selling your wares.

The challenge is for you to determine the appropriate prices of your items. These tips tell you to price from the heart. It simply means that you need to be honest about the value of your goods. However, take into consideration the fact that some items which may be useless to you may be useful to others. For instance, a collector may find your item as the missing piece to complete his set. Conversely, there are items that are valuable to you but are insignificant to others.

  • Practice color-coding.

In pricing your items, garage sale tips will commonly tell you to use color-coding scheme. This is one of the most effective tips. Buy colored sticky notes or tags. Assign a price corresponding to the colors. Then post a signage in front of your store detailing the price corresponding to each color. This way, all you need to do is tag your items according to the color-coding. You will be able to save time and effort in doing so. This is among the garage sale tips that will make your life easier.

  • Have a price key at the counter.

Make sure that you have a similar price list at the cashier’s table. This way, you will not be confused about the pricing of your goods. These tips such as this will save you the hassle of having to check and re-check the prices of your items.

These two garage sale tips on pricing work well on two-day or week-long sales. Every time you need to change or adjust prices, you don’t need to remove and put another tag. Just post a new sign and you’re good to go!

Just stick with these garage sale tips and you will be on your way to earning big time!

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