freelance writing tipsFreelance writing tips abound online. You can read about writing tips and they might be too overwhelming. Starting a freelance writing career and making it profitable doesn’t need to be that hard. If you start small and build from there, freelance writing can be a very lucrative endeavor. Asking freelance writing tips from the experts can be intimidating at times. These freelancing tips might have worked for them, but your circumstances may be different.

If you are not sure how to start or get this career going, we have compiled writing tips for beginners. These tips will help you to be a successful freelance writer.

10 Freelance Writing Tips for Success

  1. The most important of all freelance writing tips is to read. Read about anything and everything. You can’t be a writer if you do not read about things. Take note of trends – what works and what doesn’t. If you want to write novels or fiction, read them. If you want to write advertisements and marketing materials, make sure that you know the competition and give them something better.
  2. You should not limit yourself. If you focus on only one aspect or subject, you limit opportunities. Publishing books might take a while if you are into that. We don’t want you going hungry while pursuing a freelance writing career. Remember this freelance writing tip when you are second-guessing your chosen career.
  3. Building a business network is also up there in the list of freelance writing tips. Offering to write marketing materials for businesses is a good way to build your freelance portfolio. It is also a steady writing stint because businesses usually run promotions many times a year. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce will not also hurt in broadening your business network. It is also wise to be friends with freelance writers. They are the best source of leads and other freelance writing tips.
  4. Write for your local paper. You can approach your local newspaper’s editor if they are in need of someone who can cover your community’s many activities on a freelance basis. And when you cover events, it is also a good way to build your network. This is also one of the freelance writing tips that you shouldn’t miss.
  5. Advertise your services. You can’t get jobs by just relying on word of mouth. This is one of the tips often overlooked by beginners. You don’t just rely online for finding jobs. Your community has a lot of job opportunities. Advertise on the local paper or send out direct mail or e-mail about your services. Target the businesses that you want to work with and check on available writing gigs regularly. If you are writing for your local paper, you can ask for discounts. If you have a freelance gig with businesses, you can ask them to promote your services.
  6. The government is also a good source of freelance writing gigs. Your local council or other government offices might need an update on their brochures or they might need someone to write for newsletters. One of the freelance writing tips that you shouldn’t forget, you don’t need to look that far for writing gigs.
  7. We have stressed on the importance of networking in your community but one tip that you should do is to approach bigger freelance markets. Remember the thing about not limiting yourself? Bigger freelance markets like small or mid-sized publications often look for new articles.
  8. Last but not the least, set daily goals. If your freelance writing career has already taken off, make sure that you follow a schedule. Effective time management is also one of the most important freelance writing tips that we can give you. Being a freelancer means you are in charge of your time. You can work anywhere, anytime. But make sure that you hit your daily goals.

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