freelance copywritingFreelance copywriting is a very admirable job that gives professionals a good source of income. No contract binds you to any company. You are your own boss and you work at your convenience. It is survivable as long as you know how it is maneuvered. Here are some tips that will make you move smoothly in freelance writing.

1. Create a website as first step in freelance copywriting.

A website is a good investment for freelance workers. It is the most ideal place to advertise your freelance copywriting job. You can post information about your field and start marketing directly. You can add a portfolio page that carries sample projects you’ve done in the past. Moreover, you can place testimonials of your previous clients and other work experiences.  Do not also forget to add your contact details and customer service address. Put up a photo for a personal touch. Impress visitors with your credentials but make sure to make your website simple and manageable. Do not invent experiences if you do not have any. It will eventually show in your performance once they hire you.

2. Diverge your aim from agencies.

Your experience as an advertising or website copywriter before will tell you that advertising and web design agencies are not a good target. Your portfolio becomes a deciding moment. If you do not have it, you will not stand a chance. These agencies rarely accept inexperienced copywriters. They see newbies as casualties rather than assets. As a result, it is harder to penetrate agencies with freelance writing.

3. Use cold calling.

Cold calling is better than Internet marketing when it comes to offering copywriting jobs. Early rising stage requires cold calling potential clients. It is time and effort consuming but very effective in leading bigtime customers.

4. Maneuver contacts and jobs database.

Freelance copywriting career requires a database of contacts and jobs. It is your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) instrument. Take down notes of particular names, phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information. If they would not respond, then you have an option to go directly to clients. You can use Microsoft Access to maneuver your own database.

5. Create work samples.

Write sample projects and send them to target clients. This will serve as a subtle tool to convince clients to hire you for the job. You can send your works as an actual portfolio at no or low cost. You can also use it as an incentive to lure them for future partnership. Just be sure that you modify your samples according to the type of client you aim.

6. Make room for accounts package.

Digest the fact that you cannot handle accounts and transactions manually. Freelance copywriting opportunities are wide and close to fulfilling. You may have few clients now but it will surely triple or even quadruple in the future. As early as possible, invest in a package that can organize and chase down invoices, GST reports, and even annual taxes.

7. Offer incomparable services.

Great freelance copywriting services are always remembered. However, the connotation of great service is relative to every client and agency. Their definitions might entirely contradict or repel each one’s own. For agencies bombarded with demanding clients, they need freelance copywriters could meet their strict requirements. They seek copywriters who are efficient, reliable, and understand the essence of the task. On the other hand, end-clients need copywriters who carry the same vision that they have. They want to hire someone who can help them establish a stable venture. Both kinds of customers need someone who will assure them of copywriting benefits and not just simple great services.

8. Foresee rough roads.

The first few years of freelance copywriting are tedious and full of rough turns. Peaks of profit are hard to build. It is hard to convince clients and even harder to make them stay. You will even question the career you chose. However, patience and positivity should always be your ground of hope.

9. Spend just enough time in training.

Training is best done when you are already working in the field of copywriting. Learning is conducive when applied. Do not waste opportunities just because you are feeling that you have not studied enough. Remember that clients value skill rather than lifetime training.

10. Be confident that you can do it.

Many factors will make you insecure but you must have the courage to stand on your ground. Put in mind that it is normal not to earn money in the first years of your freelance writing career. There will always be curves and loopholes. However, the reward of hard work will be paid off at the end of the road.

If you lack experience in copywriting, let your confidence put you at the top of your career. Freelance copywriting does not require grandeur but subtlety of a professional in progress.

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