freelance copywritingFreelance copywriting have recently captured the interest of those creative people who would like to earn additional income during their free time. It is something you can do both in the world of freelance and corporate business. Freelance copywriting is ideally a great source for different business types, such as start-up businesses, local shops, restaurants, real estate, and even professional service providers, to get their required copywriting and editing services. The beauty of hiring someone into freelance copywriting is you do not need to hire a full-time, permanent employee anymore, so no need for expenses on benefits, computer, equipment, and even office space.

If your business is urgently needing some copywriting or editing work for the following needs — company brochure, press release, annual report, ads, business proposal, technical manual, articles, company website, newsletter, or any other form of writing, here are a few basic tips when getting into it.

Some tips to hiring freelance copywriting

1) Search online sources for freelance copywriting.

There are actually many online freelance job posting sites such as or You can find there various freelance artists, you just have to carefully review their backgrounds and credentials. There are also testimonials from the providers to those who have already used their services, so just review the feedback from their previous clients.

2) Consult with agencies.

You may also ask design and advertising agencies. Usually these companies also can provide freelance copywriting via staff that are freelancers or are only on-call and not regular employees. They can probably give you some good names on who are interested to work on some freelance writing.

3) Expand your reach.

Go beyond your locale. With the help of the internet, you are not just limited to finding freelance copywriting services provided by those nearby. The beauty of the world wide web is that you might find someone with great credentials outside your geographic reach.

4) Make sure you get your money’s worth.

Who wants to get output that is less than what he paid for? With freelance copywriting, cost effectiveness is key, so it is possible to find someone offering his copywriting services for only $5 a page, though he might be from India. But still, you get your money’s worth, that is the important thing. Make sure you are not sacrificing quality though by first checking sample previous work – check on the writing style, word use of the native language and familiarity with American culture for the pricing. Make sure the freelancer also does not provide plagiarized work because this will get you into legal trouble.

Freelance copywriting involves paying someone’s services and time offered. And so just like any service provider – a lawyer or a plumber, you need to pay the person whether or not you get your desired results. So make sure you hire the right person for freelance copywriting by doing proper background research.

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